Saturday, April 12, 2014

Keeping Amused on Long Trips and Flights

I LOVE travelling. The anticipation of the 'getting there' is almost more than the trip itself (depending on where we're going, of course).

I'm excited about our upcoming vacation, but one thing that would shock you is my level of anticipation for the flight. Why? Because once you get 'checked in'- you can work on leaving your stresses and thoughts of work behind. On our 'engagement vacation' I didn't take the time to disconnect, and I spent the entire first day in a fog of rushing around, feeling like my hectic life followed me to Miami.

We're bored. Woe is us. a 4/6/12 hour flight. A 4 hour bus ride. Driving to visit family the next state over. It can all be enjoyed- as long as you take a few steps ahead of time.

  • Look forward to the trip.
    • Even if you're travelling for work, or some other non-vacation- look forward to something. It could be a Caramel Frappe from McDonalds (our original 'roadtrip drink'). Perhaps you like to look out the window on the flight. Maybe it's just getting away from the kids/husband/ringing cell phone for a few hours that could be considered a treat all of it's own.
  • Roadtrips
    • Take the scenic route.
      • We always take the same route when driving to my mother's in PA since it's out of our way to take any other route. But whenever we have the time, we make pitstops or visit some scenic areas. This takes some planning, but that's what Google Maps are for. Also, visit the links above. If you're going to/through an urban area visit Atlas Obscura, a website that tells you everything obscure/awesome about any area.
      • If it's a route you take quite often, you probably know the exits to take and avoid traffic. I used to love travelling when I lived outside of NYC because plotting against the in town was something I avoided by speeding through the hills. My time getting across town during rush was something I bragged about. Tom always felt car sick because I would bob around the hills so fast. Don't do anything dangerous though!
    • Call someone.
      • I am horrible about reaching out to people. The only person I call to 'catch up' is my mother, and a few close friends. When I would travel to visit Tom in 2010, I'd use a few hours to call anyone who could keep me entertained and social
    • Play Cow/Graveyard, the License Plate game, or A-Z searchSee more here.
    • Make an amazing. roadtrip. playlist.
  • Commuting
    • This is prime naptime!
      • I love getting an extra hour of sleep on my commute. I take the subway, and when I moved to the city Tom told me I would be a true New Yorker when I fell asleep on the train. It's loud, people bump into you, and it might smell a little. But he told me that once I was able to get past all that (and it became routine), it would feel like being rocked in a cradle. And it does.
    • Brainstorm/Get to Work!
      • If you write/draw/brainstorm, get ahead in your work! 
      • I'll be writing a whole other post (see "O" this month) about what apps are best to use when you are underground of offline. If you are a blogger, know that much of my brainstorming and drafts get written underground. You might even get some inspiration, which obviously happens often to me with my NYC subway posts.
    • People watch. Don't embarrass yourself though.
  • Flights

What tips do you have for long trips?
Do you look forward to them, or dread them?
Any games you would add?

This post was brought to you by the A-Z Challenge, and the letter:


  1. Read this just in time: I have a trip coming up Friday and I get so bored on the train!

    1. That's great! Let us know if you draw cartoon heads for your fellow passengers, I'd love to see that become the next big thing :)

  2. Gosh, I flew back and forth to Europe twice last summer and wanted to diiiiiiiie. Not because of how long the flight was, but because the seat was so dang uncomfortable. However, I just felt lucky to get to go!! Great post idea : )

    1. I can't imagine being in that long a flight, 9 hours was manageable this time around, but the seats definitely do make a difference!


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