Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quitting Easter

Firstly, know that I do not hate the bunny, candy or eggs. When we have kids, I'll most likely hide colorful eggs and have candy available over the course of April. My dinning table is currently decorated for spring.

And Easter will be synonymous with the arrival of beautiful weather, and of flowers and baby animals being born. Not with Jesus rising again.

Because Easter is not when Jesus rose from the dead to save the souls of the lost. It's a pagan holiday.

According to Wikipedia, Easter is "a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary as described in the New Testament." Wiki continues on to state that the origin of the word Easter is "generally held to have originally referred to the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Ä’ostre, a form of the widely attested Indo-European dawn goddess."

Obviously, there's a problem here. I refuse to call the most important day in history Easter.

I'm peeved that I have to be "that Christian". The one who says Happy Resurrection Day and invites you to church. But if so many call themself Christian and choose to celebrate Easter with the fluffy bunny instead of Jesus, I can't keep quiet.

In the same way that we take emphasis away from Jesus and give it to a bunny, we take his birthday away and give it to evergreen trees and presents. Evergreens, bunnies and candy and gifts. All are great in my book, just not in replacement on the best gift. The gift of Jesus, sent to Earth to die and pay our debt for being complete sinners. Not a popular thought. Don't care- my blog, my rules.

So tell me:
How do you celebrate Easter? How do you celebrate Resurrection Day?
I'm craving Cadbury eggs, by the way. Anyone know of any healthy substitute?

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  1. We celebrate Resurrection Day with Church and family and prayer. We call it Easter as is convention. The focus is always Christ and salvation. As a child there was an Easter basket of treats, but it never was the primary part of our celebration. It is good to reflect and see what one believes, why they do what they do though. Makes us better people in the long run.

    1. Christians and holiday celebrations are so personal. Nothing is uniform, and can be customized to wherever prayer leads them. Easter/Resurrection Day and Christmas/Incarnation Day/Jesus' Birthday, Halloween/Harvest/Autumn Season- it's all subjective. And that's something (mainly) to be celebrated!

      Thanks for sharing your viewpoint- it's so hard knowing the culture that exists. People love attacking others that do things differently and the purpose of these posts is to encourage 'owning' your decisions. Not everyone will agree, but I'm posting what we do with a side of 'what do you guys do?'


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