Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 days later.... We're having a Baby!

Yeah, we're having a baby, sometime in mid-March and we are so happy! And so while I have been missing from this website for a while, I've been busy creating life. You know, I think it's a bit more excusable, right?
Tom and I are thrilled, and everyone who knows so far is too. We told our family and close friends immediately, and are going to our first appointment this next week.

We've even gone through some transitions,pretty quickly. Didn't expect to be surprised this early into being married, so time to get talking about where we're going to be in a year. Talking about what we'll (ahem, I'll) do about work with my boss has been an issue. Not because they were upset- she was one of the most thrilled for us- but because they are going through a high-turnover phase and I'm adding another position to fill. I am absolutely hoping to be a stay-at-home mom, but that's all God's will. Plus, I've been busy researching everything on the internet. There are so many things I am not allowed to eat. Who knew? Not me.

I'm tired, want some lavender ice cream (so bad!) and have to get back to work.

But stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

.... our first married fight?

Getting to know all about you." The King and I definitely mirrored us both last night.
Through Anna, the King learns the refineries and responsibilities of "modern" western civilization; Anna meanwhile comes to realize how important it is for an Oriental ruler to maintain his pride and to uphold the customs of his people. 
I am Anna, and modern civilization was not happy last night.

I found out Tom threw away all my pillows. Because they were old and we should get new ones. Which on it's own is fine. But he is boycotting the purchasing of new pillows.

(We are currently using rolled up towels and spare sheets. It's really sad, and my neck whimpers every morning. And him? The man with constant neck pain who requires daily massages? This can't be good for him, waiting the approx 2 weeks for us to make it to a store to test some pillows.)

Okay! I'm up for it, and volunteer our Amazon cards we got from the wedding. He didn't like that idea, said he wants to go to a physical store and test them out. Plus, he thinks that spending more than $5 on a pillow is nuts. And that we only need 2.
  1. "We'll go test out some pillows in store." This is a problem because we never go to any store, ever. Ever. EVER. And its because of this that Amazon was created, for people like us, with a pretty awesome return policy and hundreds of reviews on Each Individual Pillow. Bam. Pillow bought.
  2. "We only need 2 pillows." Are we asking any guests (and my parents?) to bring their own from out of state, or to use rolled up towels? And I love pillows, and use at least 2 nightly.
Tom is the King in this scenario, and I don't want to hurt his pride. Over pillows. So I let it be and we ate dinner. But I'm thinking of how I can convince him to change his mind.

Our first silly married fight? Nah, definitely a dumb disagreement though. In The King and I, the King gives into modern civilization's standards. And considering my neck is aching this morning, I'm getting a pillow!

Monday, July 1, 2013


After a month of being in the married-but-not-feeling-it limbo, we’re moved!

June was hectic to say the least. Returning home after the wedding, packing for (and enjoying) our honeymoon, returning to work for a week only to then packing and move to new apartment- phwew. It felt amazing last night (in our half-furnished, messy apartment) to sit down and breathe. And, it feels real, not like Tom’s spending the night at my apartment. The old place has only felt like that. My place. Now we live in our place.

So, this weekend has flown by with some interesting realizations.
  1. I am marrying a man who can navigate IKEA without panic attacks, with a purpose, and amazing packing skills! That utility van was FULL. We furnished our entire apartment that day, in one shot. And without his heavy lifting, I know we would be eating off of a milk crate, and sleeping on an air mattress.
  2. Animal slippers are terrifying when discovered on fire escapes. See below.
  3. Dora loved the roach she found. Tom had to wrestle it away from her, to finally flush it to it’s new home. (NYC building are crazy old, and even the cleanest ones will have them, especially if the neighbors in the next building are less than clean). But... ech.
  4. Roaches can survive the toilet. We did some quick internet research, since Tom refuses to hurt even a bug, but finally accepted that flushing would leave him unharmed.
  5. Tom found his 'toy box' and decided to sit down and play. And then jumped back up and played laser tag with me. 
I know, perhaps you could've dealt without the roach information, but it's good to know! Never expect to move to a city with old buildings and not see bugs. I've seen so many ones that never existed in the country since moving to NYC. I never even saw a roach until moving here, so that's something to consider.

Will officially start keeping this up, now that I have actual things to talk about. 
Fueling up, Ikea's restaurant
Dude biking his loot home
AHH! Oh, slipper.

I moved in with a 10 year old by
Tom and his dad- bonding over really confusing instructions.
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