Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Flexibility 101, as taught by my 1 year old

With my cold leftover pizza on my left, coffee on my right and my son snoozing across the hall at grandmas house- I am sitting down and get to work.
Most likely I'm making notes, things like looking out for a package to arrive today. Appointments to be scheduled for Daniel and myself. Planning what needs to be done this week outside the house- and how leaving the house coincides with the weather and if it's worth the effort of bringing my baby outside at all. Do I need to go to the fruit stand? If I go, bring the overdue library books and pay the $3.30 fine.

Because when he comes back from grandmas, I'll be on the floor with him, letting him climb me like a jungle gym, putting on some music or the news to play in the background and fill the quiet. I'll bring the heater from his room and place it beyond the baby gate, to heat the floor and keep our feet warm since my feet are always cold when on the floor so I'm sure his are too. I'll bring out some blocks and his loud musical walker and then try to sneak in the kitchen to put things away or cut some pears to snack on. Then Danny will realize that I snuck into the dreaded kitchen out of his grasp. He'll bang on the baby gate with whatever toy he's carrying around, much like a prisoner with a tin cup and he'll let me know that I did not have his blessing to do something without him.
I'll give him the love and attention he demands, usually a cuddle on the couch with Cheerios, until he scoots down and toddles off to play again. Then I cut up the pear, pour something to drink, and go to the bathroom. Of course, out of his eyesight. If he sees, he acts as though he thinks that the bathroom is eating me alive. He'll stand at the overturned coffee table and yell, imploring me to show my face. I dread the day that he learns how to move this barricade aside because that will be the beginning of the end of solo bathroom breaks. I will never pee alone again.

He's a very tenacious baby. But then again I'm the same way. I want things to go my way and plan on the future, and here he is teaching me to put him before myself. Motherhood has taught me a lot, but I'm always relearning how to yield to others through his demands. And I'm so thankful that this important lesson is being taught by such a cute professor, through an immersion course designed to teach me to be flexible after all.

So tell me...
What lessons have you been learning lately?
Did you find yourself with an unexpectedly cute professor?

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Neglecting my Blog Baby

Before I had my son Daniel, this blog was my baby. Outside my relationship with Christ and my husband, The Newest Vazquez is where I focused all my creative energy and time, trying to raise this blog up to something that could, eventually, connect me with others around the world (and sure, be a possible source of income).
Well, I dropped my baby a long time ago. 

I picked it up a few times after Daniel was born, but at this point I haven't even looked at it in half a year. Mostly because I was ashamed of all the work I invested in it, only to let it slowly die. But it still exists, and while I have toyed with the idea of starting another from scratch, it saddens me that all the posts, photos and work I've invested would be lost and displaced. I love everything I've written, and want to keep it all in one place, even if it means it's combined in with a new kind of concept. I want to revive my blog baby.

I don't think that concept here (as it exists in Jan 2017) fits me anymore. I've outgrown it. In this phase of life, I am less interested in exploring NYC, traveling and writing about my "learning" how to be married (though I still am, marriage is hard sometimes). I'm no longer a newlywed trying to keep my pregnancies viable, still shell-shocked at living in a busy city after my country upbringing.

I've made an astounding switch to a MOM.

 I finally- for possibly the first time in my life- feel in control of my choices, location, and I care little about creating structured and topical posts on here. Life for me right now is full of sweet, stressful and rewarding moments of insight..... so I likely won't be doing any more of the highly formatted, researched and planned topics like I have in the past. 

No more "5 Tips to Great Posture" or "Coney Island Polar Bears". Even "First Week as "Mom"' requires a more effort than I am able to invest at this point in life- so while I love those posts, things will be much more casual and conversational.

An overhaul is in the works, I hope to see you soon!

So tell me... 
Is anyone still reading this?
Are you ready to hear some big news? Come back in a few days!
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