Friday, October 23, 2015

30 weeks

How far along:
30 weeks

Baby Boy!

What's the protocol:
Baby showers in general. We had two amazing baby showers (at 29 weeks and 30 weeks) and both were Amazing. So much love and support and generosity- and seeing everyone show up made us both feel like we had so many people to lean on and gather encouragement. But, before the thank you notes make their way out I've heard from those who weren't invited either because it was understood they couldn't come because of distance or busyness- but upset they didn't get an invite or the link to our registry.

I never thought I would have to make invites for my own baby shower, and send them to someone as a gesture. Neither baby showers had actual invites, but I guess I understand why people are worried about being left behind. Anyway, if you ever don't get invited to a baby shower, remember to not call the mother to be when she's already having an emotional day and telling her how your feelings were hurt. 
Vivid dreams are back. This week I've dreamt that I:

----Had the baby on a commuter train, it was completely painless and was a girl. I was up and walking around with her, and thought "I should be in pain. This is not my baby".
What does it mean?!?I'm can't believe that I actually have a baby inside of me that will be out in approx. 2 months. My baby. Mine (and Toms too).

----Had the baby at a resort, again it was a girl, and while lounging by the pool was having trouble breastfeeding. I remember wondering why I had the wrong baby and why I was at a resort after giving birth.
What does it mean?!?Anxiety over breastfeeding, and not knowing anything more than Google can tell.

----I went to work and was told by my boss that I needed to count a huge bag of M&Ms on my train ride home. But, because I shouldn't count the M&Ms too much (since they were not for me!) I could only spend one second counting each M&M.

What does it mean?!? Diagnosed with GD (gestational diabetes) last week means that I've been missing my sweets-- but M&Ms? Should've been counting Skittles!
Best moment this week: 
Having our baby showers, filled with friends, family, food and a bit of baby gear. Our nursery is coming to life, and everytime we walk in it's a shock to see that we just need to insert a baby (and um, organize).
Worst moment this week:
I've really been achey at the end of the day- and I know it's just because of the weight of my belly. My feet and ankles have FINALLY reduced down to (near) normal- after being sunburned at week 20 (and taking 10 weeks to return to a new normal). And, the light jogging I did at week 26 and the pain it has brought has subsided. I can roll over and get out of bed without strain and feel almost normal for the first part of the day. But, after 5pm, things really start aching and I know it's only my big belly weighing everything down.

Miss anything: 
Sweets! I have learned I have Gestational Diabetes, but luckily, after baby is born it will go away. When pregnant my pancreas is supposed to produce 3x as much insulin and 3x as much sugar. It seems my pancreas never got the memo about the insulin- so whenever I have anything sugary (i.e. a small spoonful of raisins on my oatmeal) it skyrockets. So I'm being mindful about avoiding sweets, mostly in the morning hours as it's always touchier then. At least it's been easily controlled!

On the flipside, my fasting (not eating) glucose numbers get really low, and sometimes dip below 60 (which is really bad, but in the opposite direction). So I've taken to bringing a Glucerna drink with me on my commute to work, and a power bar with me on the train ride home. And when I feel hungry, I know my totals are somewhere in the 60s.

What an experiment- figuring all this out has been.

He moves all the time, and at times, he seems to be angry with me! He's moved in small bumps in the same spot on the left side so much that it must be numb. I can't even feel on the inside unless it's a Big Move- only when my hand is resting on my stomach and jumps off when he kicks- or when I'm actually looking at my belly can I tell.
Also, Braxton Hicks contractions (normal, 'practice' contractions) have begun and already picked up this week. Which aren't painful but are a fun reminder of that things are finishing up baking in there!
Peanut butter is still a favorite but I also am loving V8 and cheese. Which, is great, since cheese has no sugar and no carbs, and V8 is so nutritious that it's worth the few carbs it does have :)

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL, ferrous sulfate (iron pills for anemia) at 325mg 3x daily.... and morning prenatal vitamins.

The injections still give me some trouble, but only because I've poked every piece of skin on my belly and am running out of real estate where my skin is not going to be super painful. I 'test poke' about 10 different spots before I find the 'sweet spot' where it doesn't hurt going in.

I also was diagnosed as anemic this week, which was a huge SURPRISE. I think being on blood thinners since April has something to so with that haha. So, another pill to take, 3x daily.

Queasy or sick: 
I'm not a fan of any food right now, which is really not great timing since I have to regulate when I eat and not eat what I want just to eat. Meat never interests me, and I've just had a constant nausea around bedtime.

Looking forward to: 
The nursery has a crib in it! Along with a bunch of clothes, a stroller and other necessities. I have it about as organized as I can until we get the dresser/changing table bought and set up, but this is now an exciting room to walk into :)

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