Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Until 2016

Life has been busy, hard, and incredibly uncomfortable lately.
I've wanted to do nothing but sleep lately, and blogging has not been on my to-do list in a long time. It breaks my heart to stop partway through the pregnancy updates, and while I love to write on here, I've been so overrun with life that I feel that I need to take a break until the new year.

I'm not sure when in 2016 I'll be writing on here again, but when I return I'll be back with more updates about being a new mom, travel in NYC (... and possibly a new direction for the blog) and whatever else comes to my sleep-deprived mind in the still of the night.

See you in 2016!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

32 weeks

How far along:
32 weeks

Baby Boy!

What's the protocol:
Asking others for their seat. I've yet to purchase an 'over the top' I'M PREGNANT shirt (you know, the ones that have 'baby on board' among other sayings).... but I am wondering what I can do so that I get a seat on the train. 

People are mostly kind when they  notice, but if there are delays where the train is stalled underground, no one will make eye contact or acknowledge that there's an obviously pregnant woman glaring at them, standing 2 feet in front of their face. It's as though the world is ending and they can't imagine giving up their last cup of water. Or their flint. Or their seat. 

Great. It seems that it alternates ever other week between sound sleep or good sleep with insane dreams. This week I've been able to sleep well, except for when I try to get out of bed or rotate from one side to another. Some serious hip pain, mainly when I'm sleeping or are waking from being on my (mainly) left side to roll onto my back. 

Best moment this week: 
Having things taken away from me! My work load and responsibilities are being divvied out to all my coworkers (as I am still waiting on my replacement to be hired. Tom has also been incredibly helpful in bringing things up the stairs, offering his hand when I get up from sitting and walking at my pace (I guess saying 'slow down' all the time finally stuck!). And, while he's been really interested in belly movements, different things that have been going on with the pregnancy, I think he's getting used to the idea that a baby will be coming soon and that it's feeling more real for him.

Worst moment this week:
I'm not sure what is going on with my hips, but it feels like they are dislodged from where they are meant to be. Which, my doc said was normal and unfortunate. I equated it to the jaws of life and how a snake unhinges his mouth to eat the antelope. But, in reverse. I guess he didn't expect to hear it like that, so I'm glad I made him laugh.

Miss anything: 
Long walks! This week has been pretty beautiful and going back up into the 70s.... which makes me want to just walk around. But of course, I know that might start out well but 15 minutes into it I'd be tired and hurting. Since commuting and stairs have brought on some breathlessness and occasionally they trigger some Braxton Hicks contractions, I'll just have to wait until spring for nice walks I suppose. At least I'll have company :)

At my 32nd week appointment with my doc, he was poking my belly and said 'I don't feel the head'. Which sounded horrifying, but I realized he meant that the baby hasn't relocated to the head-down position and moved towards the exit just yet. Then, 2 days later, I swear he flipped around twice, both times cramming his head as far towards the exit as possible. And then, I believe, he decided that it wasn't as cozy as his normal spot on my left and came back up. But, for the few minutes he was relocated down there, I could actually feel the curve of his head. It was insane and I can't imagine walking around with him being flipped head down. Not that I want to wait until the last minute for him to engage he feels much more comfortable where he is, wedged under my ribs. Which I should mention is not incredibly comfy either.

Cinnamon. I've been putting it in anything that makes sense, which is great because it helps those with diabetes (gestational and I'm assuming otherwise as well) keep their number low. 

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL, ferrous sulfate (iron pills for anemia) at 325mg 3x daily.... and morning prenatal vitamins.

I keep forgetting about the iron pills.  Then last week I read about why they were so important (especially during delivery-- at this point they are not really impacting my day to day- which is why I keep treating them as though they aren't as important as the Lovenox (which, being honest- they really aren't). But, if I have the low iron count and am anemic at the time of delivery, that's a big risk for me and I'd rather have as few complications or concerns as possible. 

Queasy or sick: 
No appetite whatsoever. Tom has noticed that I force down dinners and most meals when around him, and hears me when I say I need a snack an hour later. I explain that my stomach fills quickly, and goes through food just as fast. So, he's insisted that whenever we're near a store we stock up on some healthy snacks- so I don't resort to peanut butter from the jar or a can of whatever is left in our cupboard (canned peaches or pears can only do so much).

Looking forward to: 
Signing up for childbirth classes and the breastfeeding course a the hospital. I'm excited to learn about what will happen when Daniel makes his great escape, and how to feed/bond with him after that.

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