Tuesday, July 2, 2013

.... our first married fight?

Getting to know all about you." The King and I definitely mirrored us both last night.
Through Anna, the King learns the refineries and responsibilities of "modern" western civilization; Anna meanwhile comes to realize how important it is for an Oriental ruler to maintain his pride and to uphold the customs of his people. 
I am Anna, and modern civilization was not happy last night.

I found out Tom threw away all my pillows. Because they were old and we should get new ones. Which on it's own is fine. But he is boycotting the purchasing of new pillows.

(We are currently using rolled up towels and spare sheets. It's really sad, and my neck whimpers every morning. And him? The man with constant neck pain who requires daily massages? This can't be good for him, waiting the approx 2 weeks for us to make it to a store to test some pillows.)

Okay! I'm up for it, and volunteer our Amazon cards we got from the wedding. He didn't like that idea, said he wants to go to a physical store and test them out. Plus, he thinks that spending more than $5 on a pillow is nuts. And that we only need 2.
  1. "We'll go test out some pillows in store." This is a problem because we never go to any store, ever. Ever. EVER. And its because of this that Amazon was created, for people like us, with a pretty awesome return policy and hundreds of reviews on Each Individual Pillow. Bam. Pillow bought.
  2. "We only need 2 pillows." Are we asking any guests (and my parents?) to bring their own from out of state, or to use rolled up towels? And I love pillows, and use at least 2 nightly.
Tom is the King in this scenario, and I don't want to hurt his pride. Over pillows. So I let it be and we ate dinner. But I'm thinking of how I can convince him to change his mind.

Our first silly married fight? Nah, definitely a dumb disagreement though. In The King and I, the King gives into modern civilization's standards. And considering my neck is aching this morning, I'm getting a pillow!

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