Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tour de Tom

This post is dedicated to Tom, and his renewed love affair with biking. When we met, he was biking regularly (having done so since he was in highschool). He biked every year in the Century Tour, Tour de Cure, and the Five Boro Bike Tour. When we started dating, things started slipping by the wayside, and he biked less and less. 

But that's all changed. He has been biking to work and home for 2 months, instead of buying his monthly Metrocard. He joined a 'Biggest Loser' type of challenge with his company, and last night he hit his personal goal of shedding 30 lbs. He's hoping he can win the challenge, but even if he doesn't it has been well worth entering since the incentive has reawakened his love of biking. He has so much energy and sleeps better, and he keeps saying how he feels healthier. 

Today marks his 50th ride in to work, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Since February 25th....  
   Ridden 556 miles (roughly NYC to Cleveland)
   Been on his bike for 50 hours.
   He's burned 51,000 calories

From.... realizing that sometimes it's okay to replace equipment (that you last used while in high school):
Found these gloves in a bin he hasn't looked through in a few years.
And... continuing to bike, despite freezing temperatures:
And... plenty of flat tires and tune-ups:
To... eating right (I even got him to track via MyFitnessPal):
Here's to my husband. You inspire me to try harder, and to keep working at my goals.
How awesome is this photo?

Anyone participate in the bike tours I mentioned?
Anyone bike at all? (I am horrible at it, opposites attract, right?)

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  1. Congratulations to Tom! That's such a great accomplishment. It's a wonderful feeling to find that sweet spot in exercise, when you love what you do. Kudos!

    1. It is, I always think of the people who bike in as crazy (especially in the winter), but then I remember I'm now married to one :) I'm still looking for a 'sweet spot', since exercise hasn't shown me one yet!

  2. Congratulations to Tom! and to his lovely wife too for all of her dedicated support! Biking is such a great activity, and fun too! Good Luck in the continued progress!

    1. It is a great activity, and since he's done it for years and years, it's one he's really skilled at (so I generally don't freak when he comes home with a story about almost getting 'doored' or when someone has a bike malfunction while riding in front of him). This whole 'support' thing would be hard to do if I weren't confident in those abilities :)

  3. That's awesome that he has started his love of biking again and he is working towards his goal.

    1. Yeah, it's been a real gift to see his love of biking come back after a few years of hibernation :)


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