Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Small Bathroom Problems

Before moving to the city I came to visit Tom one weekend. We were out getting some food, and while we waited I went to wash my hands in the bathroom. Tom had just returned from it and told me to 'brace myself' since I was about to encounter my first true NYC bathroom. This definitely unnerved me, but I continued on my way, not really sure what he meant and unwilling to show that he freaked me out. 

He meant a bathroom you could barely fit into. Like, the walls were all touching you at once, as you turned around to wash your hands in the sink mounted above the toilet. Teeny tiny.

Well, little did I know I would move into an apartment with a bathroom that was almost identical.

So you think you have a small bathroom? This is our view from the hall.

This is our main problem. No place for storage of anything.

Does anyone else out there have an teeny tiny bathroom, and if so, where do you buy a short curtain rod? 

I've been itching to tear those horrible glass doors out but can't get a shower rod small enough. I would love to have this Subway bathroom, despite it's small size. And I miss my gargantuan bathroom from Pennsylvania every single day, but remind myself every day that I could have it worse.  

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is ridiculous. I actually have seen the likes of these in some of the house hunters international European episodes, Paris anyone? Who in the world designs such rooms that even nursery school kids can barely fit into.

    1. I know, when I entered "tiny bathroom" into Google all the images that came up were still bigger than ours. Only the 'I could have it worse' link was a step down lol

  2. What an interesting blog! Just found you on the A to Z Challenge. I look forward to more.

  3. Good Lord what a crazy small bathroom.

    1. I guess for all the perks of living here, the drawbacks are generally in the 'home' category. Tiny apartments and having to use a laundromat are two I definitely don't like.


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