Saturday, April 5, 2014

Entertaining Guests

I have always admired people who throw extravagant dinner parties. Creating a beautiful menu, with the plates matching the tablecloth, and everyone having a grand old time.

Not always reality, am I right?
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More often than not, good intentions fly out the window when the main dish burns, the guests arrive early or the babysitter cancels. We always have such lofty expectations, yet they always seem to fall short. 

Can we please be done with the Pinterest-pressure? It's just not practical, and leaves the host disappointed in that they couldn't make a simple hot chocolate bar or host an epic game night.

Sure, I gathered a lot of tutorials for our wedding from Pinterest, but that's your wedding. If you're going to spend the time and money on one day, you probably are going to make sure it's a well planned as possible.

I do browse the pins and place them into categories like Dinner, Vacation, Gardening. Sometimes it's nice to visualize your plans. But when you stop using the board to plan something and start wishing you had that beautiful kitchen or expensive outfit- you have crossed to the dark side of Pinterest. Don't go there. If you are there, come back.

Family dinners are more often held at our apartment now (versus upstairs with my inlaws), seeing as we have a proper dining area. I put out candles, set the table and fold napkins. And the meal feels special. Like it was on purpose, versus we just so happened to be eating food together. Conversations seem inspired and time together more memorable.

This next weekend, we're hosting our first legit dinner party. I've pinned a recipe or two. And I'm expecting there to be food, friends and some reminiscing. But beyond that? Who knows.

So tell me...

Do you remember what it was like to plan (anything) before Pinterest?
Do you feel the pressure to be Pinterest-inspired all the time?
How do you remain realistic with your expectations?

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