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    last year or the recent past, especially as nostalgically recalled.
    "return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear"

Tom and I have hit our 11 month anniversary on the 26th, and I've been thinking about some type of wedding week 'recap' when we get closer to the 1 year point next month. Maybe a 'preshow' blooper real (with what went wrong) and ending with the wedding day (and what went right).

Today though, I'm recapping all the preparations and projects that were documented. I was kind of sad the other day to realize that I deleted all the my diy invitation templates and other projects, since I know people would love that sort of thing. Anywhoo.... 

Here goes!

     Trip to pick out my wedding dress and obviously my bridesmaids were a little excited!

     Black Friday shopping, 4am, overly caffeinated. Gonna get that $200 tv at Walmart!


     Visiting my parents, and my mom gives Tom the best gift of all (besides her daughter). Sunflower seeds!

     Trip to pay Caterer, Photographer and Baker.
     The In-laws see Pennsylvania and meet my parents for the first time!


     One of my bridesmaids got engaged the same day Tom and I did, and married 3 days after us. 
     Her turn for wedding dress shopping :)

     Valentine's Day flowers from Tom. My coworkers were about to marry him after seeing this.


     In March, Dora started getting asthma. Since we hadn't been given any medicine, we took her with us on another trip to PA to finish paying the vendors and set things up.

     She drove a car...

    ... and was attempting to be 'grumpy cat'. Clearly wanting to go home, Tom loved it though!


     And another trip to Pennsylvania. 
     This time to spend quality time with my Maid of Honor and one of the flower girls.

She had to earn that flower-girl title, after all!


     Beautiful afternoon at Prospect Park. 
     Meeting up with bridesmaid and future husband for tea and cherry blossoms!

My Maid of Honor stopped by to help my mom with some yarn-ball chandeliers.

My coworkers took the 'ball and chain' joke to the cake topper level.

Bachelorette Party

     In April, my sister and Maid of Honor came to visit. 

     We ate hotdogs....

     Faked (?) fear on the subway....

     And played in the sand.

That night, 4 of my 5 girls threw a bachelorette party with dinner and karaoke. 
It was so good. Belting out corny songs from the 90s, and ridiculous wedding anthems. 
Best of weekends.

DIYs- In Progress and After

Tom loved (and loves, again) bicycling. 
So I found a free template on Wedding Chicks, and MS Paint edited it up!
--In Progress

Guest Book
     Still trying to find a good way to store the pieces. Ideas?
--In Progress


Out-Of-Town bags and Door Signs
     We had a lot of people travelling to PA for the wedding. 
     We wanted to give them a surprise in their hotel rooms upon check-in.
--In Progress

     No photo. But they were awesome.

Seating Plan. 
     We named each table after a place we'd traveled together.
     This got completely ignored, as the menu/placecards had to be thrown out because it was so windy!
--In Progress


     I spent way too much time and energy on these, as they were thrown out. 
     But here's what we ate!
--In Progress


Picture Frames
     Held photos of Tom and I from when we were babies. 
     Also, the names of each table.
--In Progress


Achievement Unlocked!
     Well, we lost this and still don't know where it is.
     Hoping to find it for a '1 year later' shot next month when we visit PA.

--In Progress

     Nada. No after. Never saw it again.

So tell me...

I think it would be nice to have some kind of wedding recap/Anniversary week.
Should I do recaps of the wedding? 
How about a blooper reel (yes, there are bloopers).

I want to bring the realness of marriage to the blog, but then again... the day was photographed so why not share it, right?

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  1. This was a super fun Post and your family and friends all look so nice! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was fun to write... haven't seen some of these photos since I put them up on facebook!

  2. I love all the personal touches you put into the wedding, the table names after places you traveled too is such a cute idea!

    1. It was one of my favorite things to do, but ended up not being used. Would've loved to keep them too, since sinking so many hours into the paper pieced of the wedding.

  3. Must be fun to look back and remember all those special days!


    1. I was definitely a memorable year, always something to do or see!


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