Monday, October 7, 2013

Top 10 Things to Not Do on the NYC Subway

In the order of  "Annoys Me" to "Puts You In Danger". 

A few of these (#6) might fall into the middle ground of 'Annoying me enough to put you in danger'.
  1. Crack peanuts. Or any food that could fly onto your neighbors. Clipping your nails can fit in this category too. Also, don't eat anything that requires cutlery.
  2. Yell, scream or throw things. I don't need to explain this one, do I?
  3. Sit for one stop. If you're riding the subway for 1 minute, give your seat to the lady with 3 kids.
  4. This is not your home. Please don't put your shoes where I sit.
  5. Play music loud enough for me to sing along.
  6. Litter. And yes, leaving your newspaper on the seat "for the next person" is littering. 
  7. Block the doors /mosey in slowly. If I'm wearing white and the doors are about to encase me in soot, you are going to be pushed inside.
  8. Breakdance. It's dangerous. I've been kicked in the neck before, had my phone knocked across the subway car, seen a stroller kicked away from mom. Plus, you might be awesome, but watch this.
  9. Deny a pregnant, elderly or disabled person their seat
    . Or someone who says they are nauseous. Or drunk. It's common sense really.
  10. Be lost. Big dummy move here. There's no reason to be lost. Ask people for help- just validate the person before you ask. Man with briefcase- yes. 16 year old girl with backpack- no. Many people live here and only know their neighborhood. Also,  plenty of police and MTA workers to ask, and download these apps before you enter the train station.
  11. Not be aware. Don't be a target. If you pay attention, you will be fine. But if you leave your items in the grasp of others or fall asleep without your backpack laced through your legs, you're asking to be robbed. Some additional no-brainers: don't count your cash, or enter an empty train car late at night if you feel something is off. 

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