Monday, October 7, 2013

Pennsylvania Bound: Pumpkins and Corn

Tom and I were blessed with the opportunity to visit my family in Pennsylvania this weekend. It officially was for my brother's wedding, but also allowed us (me) to visit my alma mater, and a surprise trip for Tom to do his first corn maze.

It was awesome. I love this season, and although it was 80 degrees that weekend, the pumpkins and cider and fall colors masked the summer weather.

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.
     I was bummed we wouldn't be able to see the homecoming game, but just as happy to walk around campus and enjoy the views.

Elliot Hall.
 Where I spend most of my four years trying not to fall asleep.
Wedding Time!
     Great time celebrating my brother and newest sister-in-law getting married.

Aw, they're so cute.
I think Phil was rooting someone on (not sure why..) and mom was just having a great time. I also made a mental note to remember to put the SD card back into my camera after every use, since these are the only crummy shots we got from my cell phone.

Roba Farms.
     Finally, before heading back to NYC, we went here for their corn maize (and so I could finally buy some mini-pumpkins and squash).

They have acts show up on the weekends, and campfires at night.
I was absolutely in here, finding my pumpkin.
Children of the Corn.
Tom trying to negotiate with the Dead End ghost.
Found a tile of the puzzle.

Hilarity ensued, and it was fun watching the SimCity and maps expert get lost and give up on the maze after almost 2 hours. Eventually we did run out of time and have to quit, with only 6 of the 10 tiles found (and we bought 2 bonus tiles for 50cents). And then we drank cider. It was great.

Have you visited a corn maze this year (or before)?

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