Thursday, October 17, 2013

Raised Eyebrows

I'm all for the brave new world of bold eyebrows (or in my case, creating visible eyebrows since mine are see-through), but who decided that it was a good idea to redesign their shape?

Two girls were sitting across from me and I was captivated (in the worst way). And while I'm not scared to take random pics of people because they have cute shoes // they are in the way of the advertisement I want to photograph // they look like a stuntdouble of my friend/sister/husband and it's hilarious- I'm not going to take mean pics and post them online.

Plenty of people have made posting about bad eyebrows their thing- so you can look here if you're so inclined.

But, if you are interested, these are my renditions.

Way to high/archey, and sleeping fuzzy caterpillars
I have amazing MS Paint skills.

I have embraced the eyebrow pencil and brush, and I really just stick with the 'color within the lines' rule of thumb. As I commuted along this morning, I debate whether or not mine are as ridiculous. I faced the door windows and raised my eyebrows at myself. I'm sure it scared some people on the other side.

And then I realized I was being dumb, sat my butt down and fell asleep for the rest of the commute.

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