Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Idea- A "Don't Embarrass Yourself in Public" App

I just can't help myself. I have a serious problem.

deep breath. just say it.

I sometimes take photos of people, places or things etc when they are cool, funny, resemble someone I know. Really, for any reason. And it gets me into trouble so often.

I just did something dumb on my commute home after work. Granted, it's hilarious (will be more so once I transferred off of that train), but it sucks when it happens.

The situation:
I'm been trying to figure out what socks I am supposed to wear with boots. I don't like fuzzy thick socks, and of course when you wear boots you need high socks. Last year I made due with the fuzzy socks I hate, and have this year vowed to replace them with some boot socks. But, what are those??

Well, a girl with a cool sock to boot ratio sits across from me. So of course I attempt to take a sly photo of her shoe situation.

Aaaaaand flash goes my phone's camera. And despite my best "what just happened face" and to point camera at the floor, everyone stared at me. I feel so scummy. Like some foot fetishist, or a really unskilled stalker.

So, right now on this train, I vow that if I ever develop phone apps, I will make a special 'anti- embarrassment camera app'. For fools like me. And foot fetishists. And the unskilled stalker.

Want to hear about my app?

You hit the capture button. But first, a series of prompts:

"Are you ready to probably make a fool out of yourself?"
"Really?  Remembering the girl with the boots and the judging eyes if the strangers?"
"Ok, good luck!"

Because I had to. Questions need to be asked.
Is the Amazing Race going through NYC? Am I Being Filmed Now?

I have to take these photos. It's a long commute home, and I require entertainment. And now that I've transferred to another train it's no longer awkward. Love the big city for the easy anonymity, rite?

And because I'm sure you are all interested, some of my work:

Sometimes I document my horrible commute.
To amuse my boss, who drives to work.
This guy thought to bring his own seat along for the ride home. I had to stand.
I texted this to Tom on a game day.
Told him out future son will have matching outfits on game day with grandpa too.

I shared this with the message
"I'm dismayed that I know what twerking is, but not sriracha".
And.... my lovely sister.
Faking extreme fear while visiting on the NYC subway.


  1. OHMYGOSH! I don't miss the subway - well maybe I sorta do. I'm from NYC, and moved to PA. I remember walking to a voice lesson in midtown, when someone just took a picture of me walking by. Some random dude.

    Being from Brooklyn, well, let's just say we have a prickly attitude. SO I cursed him out and smacked the phone out of his hand. It totally freaked him out. Me too kinda, who knew I was such an angry little person (I'm 4'11)

    Now this, was worth checking in on SITS for. And you're an A-Z'er. Bring on the commonalities!

    Which is your favorite train? Nostalgic for the 7 (Mets fan) and the L, where I lived growing up.

    Filling my Prayer Closet

    1. Lol- I'm from Northeast PA, moved to NYC. You did the exact opposite. I live on the N in Sunset Park, glad you're enjoying the subway posts. Thinking of making a series, since most of my writing is drafted underground.

  2. hahaha I LOVE your idea. I used to ride the DC metro everyday to and from you really see some strange things!! I love taking stalker pics! <3 My old phone had this very LOUD shutter click, even with the volume OFF it would still make the sound...I was always mad that they didn't have a no sound option. you're a genius.

    1. The DC metro is beautiful compared to the NYC subway! Or at least is was years ago when I rode it lol. Much more enjoyable. I'm sure when we get down there I'll be stalking around your trains too :) There was an app I had that disabled the shutter should on my old phone, that I installed immediately after this happened.

      I see from your shoe blog, you totally feel for my seeing someone with an awesome pair on and wanting to save it! :)


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