Monday, September 30, 2013

Maryland Roadtrip- Crab, Cakes of Crab, and a Lighthouse

We decided to do something on Saturday. So we went to Maryland because, like the July Maine lobster roadtrip, much of our life seems to revolve around good cheap seafood.

After driving south through Staten Island, NJ, and Delaware, we finally hit the Maryland border. There were hoot and hollers, as we pull up to Faidley's Seafood.


WORLD'S BEST CRAB CAKES. Seriously, just look at their walls for proof. If you want to taste this miracle crab cake, you can order them here. Or diy them here.

Afterwards, we decided to take a hike over to Federal Hill.
And then fire some cannons.
Tom, firing at the examiner.
Me, listening to someone talking.
Probably the negotiator from the Examiner.
And then my mother-in-law pointed at the Inner Harbor.
After we failed at bombing the Inner Harbor with our fake cannons, we drove through it.
And ended up here.
I'm skeptical.
 We then arrived in Essex MD, after a quick Google search of 'awesome crab shacks' eventually routed us here.

Al's Seafood.
     I don't like crab (only ever, ever, unless it's in a Faidley's crab cake). But apparently this place did the crabs justice. I'm sure that if they knew their demise- they would prefer to be tasty and to come here to be enjoyed.
You can see the hands poised for attack.
After leaving Als, I insisted in bringing everyone to someplace I knew wouldn't disappoint. Plus, a trip to MD without the beautiful nature? Crazy.

Meet Concord Point Lighthouse, Havre de Grace, MD.
     Still trying to figure out the correct pronunciation of Havre.

Ready, aim...... Give me your iced coffee!
Have you been to these places? Any suggestions for our inevitable return for more crab cakes?


  1. Great pictures! We lived in PA for 10 yrs and Baltimore was one of our favorite places to visit. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Have a blessed weekend

  2. Thanks! It was gorgeous when we went (although just now I see all my photos are distorted). Time to figure out what's going on there.

    So many beautiful areas around the Northeast- can't wait until spring arrives :)


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