Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Como se dice.....

...time to learn some Spanish!

I bought Rosetta Stone Totale in Aug 2012. It is 13 months later, and while the web version has expired, I will be looking into the CDs and setting the computer back up. And seeing as how I have a kind-of immersion experience available (Tom's entire family will speak in only Spanish if I ask. They tend to be kind and accommodate my English only position for the time being). So, really. No excuses here.

Fun Fact- the only substantial thing I learned in that one week I use Rosetta was...
     '¿Como se dice    English word or phrase     en Español?'
          (How do you say ______ in Spanish?)

Up until that point, the only other real phrase I knew was:
     'Yo no habló Español. Solamenté entiendo, un poquito.'
          (I don't speak Spanish. I only understand, a little bit.)

Which has been incredibly helpful. In conveying that I know nothing more than the words I am speaking. And to help Tom's family not get offended when I smile, nod, and basically ignore their question.

I have always wondered how to type the spanish symbols. Found this link helpful.

Alt codes:

Alt 168 = ¿
Alt 173 = ¡
Alt 164 = ñ
Alt 165 = Ñ

Alt 130 = é (e with accent)
Alt 160 = á (a with accent)
Alt 161 = í (i with accent)
Alt 162 = ó (o with accent)
Alt 163 = ú (u with accent)

So tell me:
How did you prepare to learn a new language? Did you have family or a semi-immersion experience available to you?

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