Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Letters

this week's photo: kitty nose
Dear Friday: 
     I love you.

Dear Husband:
     I love you too. Don't think because I told Friday I love it first that you come second though.

Dear Coffee:
     I went for it. I sprung for you, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, since you were supposed to be like having an explosion of fall, in ma' mouth. Well. I was not incredibly impressed. Possibly if I didn't have to trek 2 whole blocks to get to you. Dunkin is just downstairs, so I think I'll be returning to my first love.

Dear Coworkers:
     Please stop playing Blurred Lines. It is a nasty song, and I hate having to hear it all day and getting it stuck in my head because it's catchy.

Dear Inlaws: 
     I laughed when Tom came to steal cinnamon from you and whispered 'she's making applesauce' to apparently get you all excited. But seriously, save some for us. And I guess I know what to contribute for dinners now and then, since y'all are huge fans.

Dear Weather: 
     Thank you for hitting my sweet spot. A sweater, no coat yet though. Boots or sneakers with jeans. I have basically worn all my flats and flip flops out. And lets be honest- wearing either of those in large city is both dirty and dangerous. My feet thank you for the wonderful temps- keeping them all warm and safe from people stepping/spilling coffee on them.

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