Monday, September 23, 2013

Lobster Crawl- Maine Roadtrip

It was mid-July 2013. Tom and his father decided that they wanted lobster. And hey didn't want to pay the NYC prices to get them.

So, a roadtrip was born. And I had just found out that I was pregnant so I was forced to watch them devour lobster and clam chowder. Well, maybe I had a spoonful of chowder from Tom. Couldn't help myself.

First up- Five Islands Lobster Co.
The best place for Lobster, and sightseeing (and ice cream- since I did enjoy the heck out of that) in Maine.
Personal opinion, of course.
Next up- Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf
This place was set up with an indoor restaurant and souvenir shop, but of course we claimed our spot on the deck. It was great because we could watch the boats coming in with their crates of lobster.
And, they had lobster and clam photo props. Of course we did.
The in-laws have a mild love affair with L.L. Bean. They found out we would be near the flagship store, and so we made the obligatory stop. While they shopped, we admired the taxidermied wildlife.

Meet Tom-moose. 
And on the way back, we stopped in Boston to have some of the best Clam Chowder.

Go to the Red Hat, in Boston. I stole a spoonful and cried a little. It was that good. So good I forgot to document it's creamy goodness for posterity.

And Tom suggested we surprise the family with a train ride to visit the home of their arch nemesis- the Red Sox.

They laughed glanced around, and said 'lets get home'. Nuff said.

I did snap a photo of them at the station going back, and then let them see what they were smiling in front of.


 And their reaction to accidentally endorsing the wrong team. 
It was a great trip, and one that we will most likely never do again. Five people in a itty bitty car for a long trip is not recommended. Get a van. I mean it.

So tell me:
Has anyone else had to endure an awesome trip you couldn't fully enjoy? Didn't it suck?!


  1. Maine is a wonderful state and one of my favorite places to visit. I am actually hoping to get up there this fall for a long, solo weekend, My hope is to do it, anyway. And if you get the chance, visit Acadia National Park there -- amazing!

    1. It was definitely a great place to run away to! And, we did want to go to Acadia but it was just too far for that trip. It's on our list of places to return though.


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