Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Pennsylvania:
I am coming expecting 'peak' colors, please do not disappoint.
The first week in October has always been optimal color. For that one week it is perfection, until frost hits and everything turns brown.

Dear I-80, I-280 and New Jersey:
We don't want any trouble.
Dear Route 6:
You need to be more like your older brother, Route 66. Be laid back. Have less trucks going 10 miles an hour. You make me dread the 3rd hour of our roadtrip. Shame on you.
Dear Lady on the Street:
I admire your persistence, but I will never ever want to sell my gold or silver in the shady store next to my work. I just want to get my morning coffee. Stop trying to give me a flyer. 
Dear Pumpkins and Cider:
I am coming for you!

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