Friday, April 25, 2014

8 Tips to Prepare for Vacation!

I'm more than ready to leave, with my bags basically packed. But there are a few things to do that shouldn't be overlooked.....

  • Clean your house
    • Clean and empty your refrigerator 
    • Reset your thermostat or automatic A/C unit.
    • Do laundry the day before you go, pack everything, and set out clothes for first day back.
    • Put a hold on your mail, or have someone gather it frequently.
  • Clean your desk and email inbox.
    • Thoroughly clean your desk, after putting everything away.
    • Set up a list of duties if you are delegating tasks to others.
    • Give them 'how-to' lists if the job is technical, or have them sit with you beforehand.
    • Create a dropoff system, so your desk isn't crazy upon return. Because there will be stacks of paperwork put everywhere. Leave post-its showing that they should put timesheets in one place, expense reports in another. 
    • Set up reminders for due dates that you think might be overlooked.
  • Leave instructions for house sitters, baby sitters, pet sitters.
    • Buy extra food and supplies, and set up an area for the sitter to find these things for your child.
    • Same goes for fido or whiskers.
    • If someone is stopping by to keep the house looking 'occupied' (i.e. hanging around for an hour with lights on, car in drive) then leave your WiFi password and emergency numbers on the fridge and put the remote controls out. 
  • Go Shopping! 
    • I tend to shop in cycles, and the main one falls around the month before vacation. Kids get amped up for the new school year with new clothes, and I do around vacation.
    • Get new perfume. Since we tend to go at the beginning of summer, the spring is a 'coming out of hibernation'. Time to get something that awakens the senses, and a personal favorite is Bath and Body Works for their seasonal sprays.
  • Tech and Media.
    • Let all your devices 'die' and then charge them completely. 
    • Put them in a central location to grab as you pack.
    • Load your phone or iPod with roadtrip music, relaxation music (for the flight) or island music.
  • Research your accommodations
    • Especially with cruises, ships have so many facets. Food, rooms and entertainment. There's a reason that sites like cruise critic exist. Oftentimes you will get insider tips, like learn where you can do simple things like leave your bags while you tour San Juan before boarding the ship.
    • TripAdvisor is the best place for researching your trip, especially build-you-own vacations. 
  • Get into Vacation Mode.
    • Youtube your cruise ship, the west coast highway, the excitement of the game your attending. Of course this is what I did, but customize it for your trip highlights!
    • Make a tropical drink at home. I'm a big fan of the Crystal Light mohito mocktails, since we've brought it on the last two vacations with us and it evokes a vacation mindset.
    • Make a themed dinner before leaving. If you're going to the Caribbean, Jerk chicken with pineapple. If you're going to Europe, attempt some homemade French food. Then when you get the real thing, you can compare (and potentially have a laugh and appreciate the meal more!)

This post was brought to you by the A-Z Challenge, and the letter:


  1. I love all the tips about getting excited for the vacation (food, drinks, etc) - after all, haven't they found that the planning and anticipation is really the best part of a vacation?

    1. Well I hope not! My vacation is almost here, and I want it to get even better :)

  2. Nice post. I would add if you are leaving pets in someone's care that a letter is written and signed giving them authorization to have your pet treated in case of emergency or illness. Also with either payment information or contact information. I recommend having an amount listed for care ($500 or $2000 in case of illness or emergency surgery). Your pet sitter and veterinarian will appreciate knowing some guidelines if it is difficult to get ahold of you!

    1. Good points! This wasn't meant to be exhaustive, more like a brain dump of all I need to do and are easily forgotten. But good information!


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