Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Things This Friday

5 Things that are happening right now.

1. Vising the Vet.
Dora went to the vet for her asthma shot, which she usually needs every three months. When we see her 'coughing' and trying to catch her breath we know it's time to stop in at the clinic for her shot. Which means that we wake the sleeping beast from her slumber and attempt to put her into her carrier before she wakes up.

And when she does wake up, this is the face she gives. You would think I was killing her from the meows of absolute sorrow. Upon returning from the vet and being 'freed'- she saunters out like 'I wasn't scared. Not at all.' And rubs my leg and purrs, because she's a punk like that.
2. Two weeks until Vacation!
Upon arrival, we'll be visiting some manatees, lounging on the beach and visiting Typhoon Lagoon. And because the forecast will be a balmy 79 degrees in Tampa, that means Tom will be freezing in the water and I'll be sunbathing and taking photos from the beach.

3. First Ebola patient in NYC.
Because..... it was bound to happen eventually. Tom has always mocked my overuse of hand sanitizer and aversion to touching the grab bars (I prefer to balance awkwardly and fall on other people as the train sways). And even though you "need" skin-to-skin contact for transmission, I think he'll come around to my side. Germaphobes unite!
4. Brrr! It's cold in here.
And I do realize that $50 is a lot to spend on a hat, but unless I want to look like a robber (you have seen Tom in his biking face maskright??) this might be the only choice this winter
5. Blog overhaul!
I'm working with some amazing women who are working hard to help me get a new domain with Wordpress and enact some needed changes. Did I mention they were awesome as well, since they are using me a their 'guinea pig'. Meaning that they are offering their services for free in the name of building their client portfolio. Already so impressed with the communication and ideas we've discussed, can't wait to set everything up!

So tell me...
Are you freezing where you are?
Have you thought much about Ebola coming to a neighborhood near you?

It's about that time again! Six months ago I wrote from A-Z, a different letter every day in April (except Sundays). This time around I'm going to write a post every day in October, hence Blogtober. Clever, huh?

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The Daily Tay


  1. The looks my two cats give when they're in the crate is heartbreaking. Love the hat too! Happy Friday!

    1. Makes you feel like the worst person ever, and then they yowl. So dramatic!

  2. It's actually way too hot where I am right now. :( We are having record high temperatures, and it's driving me crazy. I understand the Ebola craziness too. We live near Dallas and people have been going crazy for weeks!

    1. I am getting fed up when people say that the CDC is exaggerating the importance of ebola. Would love to tell them all to live in a large city. Use that transit daily. I mean, if you live in the country, it's going to be foreign to you, but don't make light of a situation that has actually killed people.

  3. We've had frost and dipping into the 30's at night here in the capital region. I prefer the spring and summer over fall and winter. I like the helmet hat idea :)

    There is a case a subcontractor in Malta asked to be confined to his home to be sure he is clear of ebola after his recent trip to the Dallas hospital. No other news on it yet. NYC is close enough, and Malta is super close. Being careful and being germaphobic is a great idea.

    1. Winter is coming here soon, but NYC is in it's own different climate zone so maybe another week until we catch up with you guys.

      I'd rather be the fool with the hand sanitizer who follows the CDC on Twitter than the person who isn't paying attention and accidentally bites their fingernail after someone germed up a subway pole.


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