Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Sharpie Mugs

 First impressions: Easy, simple. Attractive even. Right?
Wrong. I used three different types of Permanent markers, and baked them at 350 for 45 minutes.
And they all did this:
I'd say that's a Pinterest fail, but I'm also assuming I don't know what I'm doing half the time. Being washed by hand promptly removed the Sharpie, and this is even with me having stopped as soon as I noticed the ink disappearing.

So tell me...
Have you made these mugs and had them remain intact?
Have you fallen off the Blogtober bandwagon (ahem, like me) yet?

It's about that time again! Six months ago I wrote from A-Z, a different letter every day in April (except Sundays). This time around I'm going to write a post every day in October, hence Blogtober. Clever, huh?

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The Daily Tay


  1. If it's any consolation your artwork was cute and would have looked great had it worked.That would have been where I would have given up on the project ;). I wonder if it has to be a certain type of mug..or a glaze or something? Props for trying and Happy Monday!

    1. Haha, well thank you :) Maybe I should've sprung for some ceramic mugs, I just got some cheapo mugs for 99cents.

  2. I used the same method when I made mugs last year. The only thing I can think of is the type of mug you used. Maybe this project needs to be made with a certain type of mug? Mine were white stone mugs and it worked fine.

    1. Hm. I might have to go find some, and make sure they are stone instead. Hopefully I can get the rest of the marker off so they are just plain mugs versus splotchy mugs. Thanks for the suggestion!


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