Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My 90s country music, flying over the Grand Canyon and how Halloween works in NYC

1. My hubs spent last weekend pheasant hunting. Are there hunters in your family? If so, what do they hunt? Which of the following have you tasted-pheasant, rabbit, venison, duck, goose? Which of those would you most like to taste, or be most willing to taste?
Despite growing up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, I don't hunt and we didn't have any hunters in the family. But, I have helped to skin a deer, and have tasted venison. Not a fan, but then again, I would be fine without meat in general. Except bacon. I love that stuff.

2. What high spot have you visited that gave you a wonderful 'bird's eye view' of something below?
Most notably, our flight over the Rockies and the Grand Canyon. So much better than flying over the ocean, although the sight of warm beaches in Puerto Rico are a welcome sight as well :)
3.  Do you have any birds in your home? These could be either real live pets or decorative, as in bird prints, knickknacks, fabric or pottery.
The only bird-like think I can think of might be a cat toy. There are some birds in a painting on our wall.

4. Tell about a time you 'killed two birds with one stone'?
Okay, well there was that one time with the slingshot...

5. Your favorite song with a bird in it's title?
Easy! Tanya Tucker-Two Sparrows In A Hurricane. I have a soft spot for most any country song from the 90s, where you can always find a story if you listen to the lyrics. In an age where music videos were a cross between Olan Mills glamour shots and grainy videos with questionable acting ability. And, in this case, where the first verse and the last verse are identical because it's about different life stages. Give it a shot, people. Country isn't for everyone (I don't care for much before the mid-80s and I generally detest all the stuff after Y2K), but the idea of "two sparrows in a hurricane, trying to find their way" as a description of chaotic and hard times is very poetic. As is much of the 90s country, hence my love of it.
6. What most recently gave you goose bumps?
The air. It's chilly outside, and my landlords just turned the heat on the other day for the first time. And Dora has sat herself next to the heaters ever since.
7. Halloween is this Friday...any plans? Did you trick or treat as a child? Carve pumpkins? Share your most memorable costume.
Staying indoors, probably a movie night.It's cold outside, and while Halloween isn't something I flat-out object to, in the city I kind of do. This city is a controlled chaos, that on Halloween looses control. With 8.4 million. But I'll write more on that Friday. Because I'm still trying to figure this holiday in the city out. In the country it was so simple. candy and fake webs. We would throw together a homemade costume, and drive from house to house. Just because you live past where the sidewalk ends (or, like me, in the boondocks) doesn't mean you don't get free candy. You just had to burn some gas to get the goods.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
It's National "Cat Day" today, and we're celebrating with another visit to the vet. Really, asthma for cats. Dora is in the unlucky 1% who get it, and the poor thing is congested and wincing, like in pain. Hopefully we can figure out why the meds from last week haven't helped.

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  1. Halloween has taken some sort of turn since I was a kid, and not for the better. I see why parents now go to events, or trick or treat in the mall. It feels a little safer I guess. I'm sure there are some sights to see in the city on October 31st-ha! Can't imagine! Happy cat day!

    1. There are some sights, perhaps, but nothing worth being outside. But that's a whole other topic :)

  2. I grew up in PA and never hunted nor knew anyone who did. It's definitely something I know I could personally never do!
    Ahh Halloween. When I was little I lived in a great neighborhood. So many houses meant so much candy! As an adult it's been awhile since I've dressed up and gone to a costume party - I think I'm too old for that these days :)

    1. Everyone hears you grew up in the country or on a farm and asks about hunting. Like we're required to hunt for school credits or something. I definitely would feel out of place as well!

  3. My husband used to hunt for deer, but he hasn't in years. So I never got to try venison. Halloween spirit seems dead around here. I used to LOVE it, but we hardly get trick-or-treaters. I didn't even buy candy this year. So I'll be home, not answering the door if a sole candy beggar comes to the door, watching movies.

    1. Yes, perfect response! I live on a very industrial looking block, which is always skipped. I might get some candy for us to snack on though :)

  4. Halloween these days is not what it used to be, we used to have so much fun, what happened?
    Happy Halloween!!!

    1. All the fun parts (candy, 'decent' costumes and friends) can all be replicated off the streets, at parties and at home. So in the city anyways all that is left outside on October 31st are drunks, people dressed provocatively, trying to hook up and dodging eggs getting thrown at them. And, if you're in a 'nicer' neighborhood, you might see some cute kids getting some candy. So completely different!

  5. What a beautiful view from the plane.

    I love your answer to

    I'm not much of a country music fan.
    However, I think Tanya has a beautiful voice.

    I haven't seen heaters like that since grade school.
    Brings back memories.

    We have a cat that looks a lot like yours.
    His name is Mr. M'Now.
    I wasn't aware of National Cat Day.
    Perhaps that's why our grey cat just chilled out yesterday :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Our pilot doubled as a tour guide, and got as close as he could to take photos. He was on the intercom explaining where to look and shoot. Definitely love JetBlue more now, even if it was just because he was hired by them :)

      And these heaters are all over 'pre-war' buildings in NYC. And while they do the job, they are loud and kind of ugly/obrustive. Would love to park my table over there, but having 3 of these things, it's like a whole piece of unmovable furniture haha.

  6. "Olan Mills glamour shots and grainy videos with questionable acting ability". Buahahaha. I can't believe I haven't heard that song before with all the country my dad subjected me to over the years. Also, you are a good cat Mom celebrating National Cat day with Dora ;).

    1. Doubt she felt it was 'celebrating' but we did get her some meds and she seems to have perked up :) I know most every song from this decade, and get the warm fuzzies when I hear a good one come on- which usually only happens when driving to Pennsylvania and the radio stations thin out!

  7. Thank you for stopping by WW this week, I do hope that theres something for Dora that works. We had a cat that got sinus infection and anything that has to do with breathing for cats is not a good thing. Purs for Dora!!!

    Have a great week!!

    1. Thank you, and agreed. At least with stomach issues you can see some clues, you really have to watch cats with breathing issues because they tend to hide it. Thanks for the "purs"


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