Thursday, October 2, 2014

Release the Kraken!

Say what you will about it being nothing but a dirty, crime ridden, place where zombies would go nuts. Movies really have done a number on NYC's image. But in general, it's good. I like it, and have no regrets about leaving the country for civilization.


NYC is very old, and with old cities there are bugs and roaches. They just are. I'm not necessarily referring to a Joe's Apartment scenario, where they dance, sing and help a young man woo a 311 operator. But I never even saw a roach until I moved here. And I never thought that Dora would let such crimes go unpunished.

Let me explain.

Ever since moving into the apartment last July, they've shown up. Here and there. Once in a while. But, since half of the units in our building are involved in a remodel or are having some kind of work done, I guess the resident roaches have forgotten that their natural predator lives here. And so the sometimes sneak out and act like they own the place. But they don't. The Kattan does. And yes, we give Dora cool titles when she's "hunting". I can always tell. She starts chatting, looking under the refrigerator, and spends all night in the kitchen. Waiting. Plotting.

Really, she just wants a toy that will run around and amuse her. She's not hard to please.

So, this morning I woke to make breakfast. And there was a roach, hanging out next to the sink.What followed was not my finest hour, and I am not proud of what I did. I brought in the Kattan. I put her on the counter. I undermined myself in one swift, bug fearing motion.

And, being the brat she was, she decided to jump down and walk away. The walk felt smug, like she had lost all respect for me.

So tell me...
Anyone have an attack cat, who walked off the job?
Or, any non-poison alternatives?

Yeah, there are prompts given for Blogtober, but honestly, I've covered most of them already, or they don't apply.
It's about that time again! Six months ago I wrote from A-Z, a different letter every day in April (except Sundays). This time around I'm going to write a post every day in October, hence Blogtober. Clever, huh?

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The Daily Tay


  1. Not fun to have the critters in the apt and the cat that won't :), but glad you are enjoying where you are. :)

    1. Ughhhh. I usually find them after she has 'played' with them. And that I can handle. Not up for the surprise ones though!

  2. I loved your "Joe's Apartment" reference!

    We live in Florida where the state bird is the palmetto bug. IE - a cockroach on steroids. I wish the cats would hunt them. Sadly they do not. (Now lizards on the other hand...)

    1. aahh I just googled it. Good Morning to me. Why on Earth would they make a roach, a bug, your state bird? I'm so sorry, they really are huge!


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