Friday, May 9, 2014

Pack Your Bags...5 Tips for the First Time International Traveler

Please welcome Kelly, from A Lovely Life, IndeedKelly writes on a variety of subjects- from food to fitness, and from marriage to her knowledge of travel. She's lived in Galicia, Spain- and often posts gems such as this one she's sharing below.

Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Now that spring is here, people may be starting to plan their summer vacations and summer time is a popular time for international travel. If you have your passport and you're ready to go, consider these five tips to put your mind at ease before you even get in line for security.

1. Scan your passport and email a copy of it to yourself. Make sure your photo and passport number is visible. If for some reason, you lose your passport, it will make it easier for you to get it re-issued if you have evidence of the documentation. You can access it from any computer in the world.

2. Call your bank and credit card company. Let them know your travel dates and that should reduce any chance of your charges being denied overseas...perils of living in times of identity theft.

3. Speaking of banking, make sure you have a 4-digit pin for the ATM; otherwise you may not be able to use the foreign machines. You can always change it back when you get home. 

4. Call your bank and find out their partner bank overseas. If you use these for your ATM withdrawals, you will not have to pay the ATM fees.

5. Find out what your credit card charges in foreign transaction fees. One of the main benefits of the Capital One Ventures card, in addition to miles accumulation, is no foreign transaction fees. If your card charges exorbitant transaction fees, make sure you have cash and save the credit card for only the emergencies. Save where you can. 

They're simple tips, but they can make a real difference. Knowledge is power and having things taken care of before your trip can save a hasty decision in the heat of crisis. 

Buen viaje!


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    1. A topic that many love! Who hates to travel?

      Okay... me for about two weeks after a long trip. Glad to be home with my own pillow.


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