Monday, May 19, 2014

Anniversary Week. First Look, and a narration of events.

Our first anniversary is in one week, and since we've already celebrated it on our vacation, we're going on a mini-roadtrip with the in-laws to visit Niagara Falls and see my parents in Pennsylvania.

But..... since I wasn't blogging a year ago, I thought it would be an opportune time to show off what an awesome day May 26, 2013 was.

In three parts. Because I don't want my computer to die.

First Look and Getting Ready

Tom always waits for me at the public library, in a suit and looking spiffy. And appearing to be enjoying his ring-less finger.

Yeah... like you really thought I wouldn't show up.

After checking out the library, we went to the creamery.

I did grow up on a dairy farm and all. (I guess that's why?)

And then the stress of being in heels was just too much to handle.

We then decided it was good time to jaywalk,

and elope.

We decided against it, and looked at the river instead.

Then our friends arrived.

And I got hug-attacked by my sister.

We all decided to stand on the railroad tracks. We were tempting all forms of transportation that day.

And if this isn't a blatant challenge to any locomotive... then I don't know what is.

Then, since out photographer was a rebel, she told us to look 'sassy'. This is what she got.

Is that a gun to the head, groomsman?

And now he's pointing. I'm confused. Oh well.

We went back to finish getting ready, and I got to spend some valuable time with my mother and sister getting ready.

And, oh yeah, I actually freaked out, realizing we had typed up our vows. And since we weren't bringing our phones down the aisle, I speed-wrote them on Campbells Soup cards. Since "I need something write our vows on, Mom!" made her think recipe cards. But recipe cards... Kind of perfect if you think abstractly enough. Right? Right.

In the meantime, people were praying, getting seated, and the mother's were being walked down the aisle.

I'm not sure people expected a dog to walk down the aisle. Some were thrilled (at the 1 o'clock). Some weren't (7 o'clock). Welcome to the country!

And, then it appears that Tom gave his groomsmen a peptalk. Doesn't that normally go the other way?

And then he gave the thumbs up.

Time to get married!


  1. Love this! You are gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding! <3 The narration is fabulous! :-) I love the juxtaposition of the wedding elegance against the tracks. You have some lovely photos. Happy Anniversary Week!

    1. I loved the railroad for this reason too (were planning some decrepit tunnel photos, but was too muddy). Plus Tom is hugely into transportation and this seemed perfect :)


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