Friday, May 23, 2014

Anniversary Week. Toasts, Cake and a Dance-off

We skipped over some of the more traditional wedding aspects (no garters or bouquets or receiving lines. But we wanted to hear from our closest confidants. What they thought about us, about our union, and just what they thought in general.

And while I don't have those transcripts or a video, I remember it being more of a roast than a toast.

From the best man telling us to 'make lots of babies' (which I'll admit, was a little unexpected) all the way over to what he originally thought when Tom brought me in from Pennsylvania and wondering if I'd fit in.

My maid of honor went in another direction entirely, and started exposing all our secret teenage antics. For our friends, my family and new family to hear. And the three nearby houses to hear, considering we were using a loudspeaker.

I was a well-behaved kid in an overall sense. But I guess I should have listened to her concerns about writing a speech and given more detailed instruction than 'oh, you'll think of something'.

After getting roasted toasted, we decided to get on with it and cut some cake. 

I told Tom- the entire time we were engaged- that we weren't smashing cake in each other's face.

The crowd jeered and sneered. They wanted a show.

"Oh, well maybe a little cake... she can't back out now anyways..."

Surprisingly he complied. Much to the dismay of all our guests.
And I felt bad, and almost opened the floodgates for cake smashing.

In the end, I didn't. And everyone moved on. After all, the music was calling.

Things started out pretty mild, with some slower dances.

Soon though, things started picking up...

At this point, our resident ballroom dancer decided to strut her stuff:

And, it seems as though the flip of her hair (and her husbands astonished face)...

signaled to our guests that it was time to empty the tents...

and start dancing.

To this day, whenever "Call Me Maybe" comes on the radio, my mother-in-law picks up the phone.

If you couldn't tell my this point, I obviously joined a family with amazing dance skills.

Then a dance-off to Gangnam Style happened. Luckily our photographer got the entire thing on film.

First, the challenge...

And the accepting of the challenge.

then the reply.

and then the win?

I'm not entirely sure my dance-off terminology is right, but you get the idea.

then a few new players jumped in:

This next picture, where my mother-in-law & grandmother-in-law are doubled over in fits, is perfect.

And, from here on the night flew by. Tom made the announcement that night was winding down, and I went into the house and told everyone to get outside for the last dance.

And the last dance of the night came on. Not the song I had chosen. Not the song that would've been appropriate for all age groups.

The groomsmen hijacked the computer and put on "Get Lucky". My face kind of gave away my shock, but people seemed to like it, so..... oh well.

White girl with no hip movement. Hispanic boy who's hips don't lie. Stereotypes don't fall from the sky.

Tom was off to the side, doing the can-can.

While all the girls linked arms (and if I remember correctly, spun in a terrifying circle).

Two sisters, two very different dancing styles

And that was it!

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