Friday, March 7, 2014

Weight Loss- Introduction

Hello World!

No one really knows this (other than Tom), but I've been monitoring my food and intermittent fasting for about a month. Since it's going well (and the 1 month point has passed without my dying- I know!) I wanted to show the progress and keep some form of accountability online.
Common Sense Disclaimer:
This shouldn't replace any medical decisions you and your doctor may come to, so please just take this blurb as my way of saying "don't take medical advice from me". It's sad how we have to give disclaimers all the time, right?

When I went to my appointment on Jan 9th, I was 215. Ouch. Highest I've ever been. Went home, miscarried the next day and then we went to get bloodwork done a few days later. I was then told by the doctor that I should loose some weight since we have to wait a while to get pregnant anyway. Well, that seemed like perfect timing. I started eating healthier, bought new sneakers and a scale. I started intermittent fasting (and yes, I'm a good candidate for it, but more on that some other time).

My facts:
  5'7'', 27 years
Since last weigh-in…
January 9
Initial weight
February 1
I started IF on 1/29
February 14
Less structured IF, slower loss
March 1
Slow/steady loss

I'm going to be real and state that I dropped 5 pounds in the 2 weeks after the miscarriage without even trying for (what I hope are) obvious reasons. I consciously started eating better around Jan 29th, when I started weighing myself and tracking my meals.

When I started tracking my weight, around Jan 29, I decided to revisit Intermittent Fasting. I've entertained the idea of it before, but never dedicated myself to it for more that a week (which, at that point, doesn't make much of a difference). I got bored with it, was planning a wedding, and wasn't as dedicated. 

I already knowing that when we are able to try again for a baby, we won't be waiting much after that. If we're having some difficulty, it makes more sense to start early in the knowledge that it could take a while. I knew I needed to cut the weight down as much as possible in the months before.

I've lost about 10 pounds by doing nothing other than eating all my normal calories during a smaller timeframe. That's all intermittent fasting is. Instead of eating between 8am and 6pm, I'll eat between 2pm and 10pm. 

One huge reason for this is because it fits my schedule so much better. I work a split-shift, where I wake at 5:45 and work until 9. I then usually am running errands (or taking a nap) until I need to leave for work at 12:30pm. I get to work at 2pm, leave at 7pm, and get home at 8:30pm. Bed is around 11pm. 

My Goal is 170 by September. 

I weighed 170 when I graduated college, and while it is not exactly where I should be, it's a lot closer. Plus, I still remember what 170 felt like. I felt good at 170. I felt fit and like I looked pretty good at 170. Even in high school, the lowest I weighed was about 145, and that was while being active in sports and eating healthy.

That goes to show you that you can't blindly follow the "healthy weight range" graphs that are on the web. Good thing, because anyone who finds out my weight is surprised. "Well proportioned" or so they say, but I know the elasticity will eventually run out and I don't want to see myself when that happens.

Wish me luck!

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