Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Awesomeness

Good Monday, and St. Patrick's Day!

This weekend was pretty awesome- consisting of a Friday night vegging out (Tom was at an evangelism conference in South Carolina), hanging with good friends and (starting to) plant my urban garden, and ending with a date with Tom after church on Sunday.

Gorgeous day! Picking up seeds at the Home Depot.

Thanks to a good friend, was able to get my dirt home via the subway!
Sister in law, posing with her 3 year old transplanted baby
They found Dora, and attacked the cuteness

The next day, we decided to visit some swans at Sheepshead Bay.

Look, swans!
Some birds heard that we brought bread...
Tom deciding to throw the bread right into the seagulls open mouths.
They loved it.
For an awesome video of the action, visit my Instagram.
And Pathmark put up this gem.... so my frozen Hispanic struck a pose.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, even if it started off warm and ended up cold (soon it'll turn around, right?) This post is linked up to Weekend Block Party


  1. Ha! That last picture is too funny :) And your trip to home depot is a lot more scenic than mine!

    1. Yes, I'm very lucky! I was shocked to find it inside of NYC, since I always grew up with them in an ugly parking plaza out in the country :)

  2. LMAO that last picture is too funny and girl you are brave for taking the dirt on the subway!

    1. I was definitely something I'm bringing a cart for next time!


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