Friday, March 21, 2014

High-Five for Friday!

This week has been somewhat un-monumental. With the exception on 5 things. Which I guess makes it moderately monumental. I think I'm just ready to be finished working for the week, which has dramatically reduced the monumental feelings that I should be feeling towards this last week. So that's that.

If you were wondering....

Monumental Moment #1
     I got a sprout! Romaine popped through the soil only 5 days after planting! And today (1 day later) I saw a squash sprout! Good little over-achievers! I really need to figure out a planting system where I can get these guys living long term in my tiny apartment (sans outdoor space). hmm...

Monumental Moment #2
     Dora decided to take over laundry folding. I know- one less chore for me. I just sat back and watched 30 Rock while she put the towels away, after making them only a little bit furrier :)
 Monumental Moment #3
     I got a desk! And, this may not seem at all monumental to you, but to me it was. I was camped out at our table, and I hate sharing spaces. Now when we sit down to eat I don't have to stare at it and think about the emails I have to send, manuals to update.
     Did I mention I found it at the dollar store for only $30? I hauled that sucker home on the subway, set it up, and declared myself a thrifty genius. The closest collapsible one I've found started at around $70.
 Monumental Moment #4
I made these bad boys again. Because with the healthy food being so much harder to make (I'm not interested in grinding my flax seed)- these are 2 ingredients and incredibly tasty. And convienent, and healthy! I added half a handful of chocolate chips, and it was 2 chips per cookie. I consider that a good compromise!
 Monumental Moment #5
     Spring sprang, so I donned my new workout gear and walk/ran/hobbled around the neighborhood. It was only 2 miles, but I was so happy that I took this amazing selfie for proof. And I decided to leave it as is, since my hair and sweaty forehead aren't being missed by anyone.
And that's that. Bring on the weekend!


  1. I love your little sprout! Spring is on the way. Happy Friday! Stopping by from NE Bloggers. :-) Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned, the relocation of the little sprouts should be interesting, hoping to get some roof or window system set up.

  2. I would say Happy Friday, but it is now MONDAY! :\ Loved reading your post! Love Dora! She is a cutie! I am stopping by from Dare to Dream Again, you said stop by and say I am saying HOWDY!!! Have a great week Farin!!!

    1. Wow- I wish I was as peppy as you this morning! Must need some coffee. Anyway, thanks for the comment and yes, Howdy! Have a good week!


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