Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Things on Friday

Happy Almost weekend!

I've had an awesome week, and here's five things that helped make it that way:

1. I've always been a 'no-cat in the bedroom' person. Until Dora decided to nap with me. I started to wake up and she came out to greet me :)

2. I started making homemade what we've been calling 'To-Go Cheerio Bars'. It's such a creative name. I got it from, and they at least seem healthier than the candy bars that stare at me from the super convenient snack stand at the train station. 

Super Convenient Snack Stand. I should buy a snack stand and alliterate it up.

3. We finally bought some curtains! And of course, Tom was right in insisting that we'd find some on 5th Ave (Brooklyn). Unlike it's Manhattan counterpart, each panel was only $5, and lets in the perfect amount of sunlight (and adds privacy at night). Finally, no more roller shades!

4. Peach brewed tea was on sale, so I picked it up thinking it would be something different. Well, it was okay hot but not something I would get again. But when I forgot about it (which happens pretty often) and accidentally drank it cold it was so much better. So of course I made a pitcher and put in the fridge. 

5. Bought some workout clothes today, and have you ever heard of a store called D2? Well, needless to say that after I spent a lot of money on leggings at TJMaxx, I was happy that I avoided buying any shirts. The cheapskate in me kept repeating "I can find that shirt cheaper...". And I did! 6 of them, for about $3 a shirt.

I'll have to remember not to turn my neck like that again. Looks like something dislocated!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and that the temperatures keep creeping up!

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