Friday, September 19, 2014

Tom and the NYC Century Bike Tour

Tom and biking. He has loved biking since he started around 10 years ago, and when we met years ago he was actively doing things like biking to classes, participating in bike tours and even attempting (but that's another story) to bike to NYC from his university upstate. Then he met me in 2009, got distracted by life, and semi-retired his bike.

With an increasing waistline in early 2014, we both decided to try and slim down. I do not exercise, so I ate healthier. But Tom really went crazy for his bike and since February has been commuting to work 20 miles a day on his bike. Every day, as long as it wasn't storming or too cold (in my opinion, it was too cold to do anything outside until it hit 40 degrees) and he has been a biking fool ever since. We ended up slimming down, but the biggest benefit to this is that he has rekindled his love for biking.

Almost two weeks ago I was able to see Tom off for the NYC Century Bike Tour, and had some major moments of pride. As you could tell, if you follow me on Instagram.

I wasn't able to meet him at the finish line due to logistics, but did run outside and stand next our Dunkin Donuts to give him a kiss and take a few more photos. To see the February and April photos really shows how dedicated he was.

If you want to bike in the NYC during the coldest time of the year, you will need at least 4 layers. And a scary face mask.
So, here's to you my husband. I could never imagine doing what you do. Here's to the next 4 months of biking in the freezing cold and loving every minute of it.

So tell me....
Anyone else super proud of their husband?
Hope your Friday is looking great!


  1. 20 miles on a bike every day? WOW! He is dedicated! Glad he has re-kindled his love of biking! We all need to find our passions again (for those of us that have lost them).

    1. I always feel like I don't have a "thing", especially in comparison to seeing him bike in and home every single day! I'm going to say, for now, my thing is eating ice cream and writing posts here. I need to lose one of those passions though :)

  2. That's great! Kudos to Tom! Not only is he healthier, but he has reduced his carbon footprint. A win-win. :-)


    1. Honestly, we never think about our carbon footprint, since NYC has such a large percentage of the population using mass transit. And, apparently New Yorkers have the smallest carbon footprint in the nation.


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