Monday, September 22, 2014

2nd Annual Apple-Picking Weekend

This weekend we packed up the whole family and made our way to Fishkill Farms, in search of all things autumn. Objectives: drink hot cider, obtain warm apple donuts, purchase decorative gourds, and find the perfect apple.
Secondary objectives: quality time with the family, reenact Bible scenes such as Adam and Eve, find leafy moose antlers and make goofy faces to get that one good candid shot.

All objectives were achieved and we were also able to get these great photos. I love that we're able to spend so much time together doing things like apple picking and document the experience. I know this will eventually end, and we need to do things like this for as long as we can.

It's our first 2nd annual! And if that makes me happier than it should, so be it. I'm all about holiday traditions :)

So tell me....
Have you picked any apples this year (or plan on it)?


  1. Looks like lovely quality family time! I plan on going apple and pumpkin picking soon with my husband. :)

    1. I thought everyone chose this weekend. So many apple-picking photos on the blogs today, hope you have fun!

  2. We're hitting the apple orchard this weekend or next. Looks you had a ton of fun! So what are you going to make with all your apples??

  3. Apple picking can be a lot of fun, for sure. What I truly like about it is the photography opportunities ... and being able to test some apples and walk out with a ton for later!


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