Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easy $12 Fall Wreath

Today, I thought I'd showcase my recent project- but it's almost laughable to call it that. I made a cheap festive wreath from stuff picked up from Walmart. Projects are supposed to be hard, expensive, and planned well in advance right?

Wreaths can be expensive, starting from $25 for a premade one, and quickly becoming much more expensive if you're looking for a 'natural' wreath you might get from a florist. I love decorating for the season, but I was not into paying for something that I can't personalize. I wanted to have a wreath that I built, and also that could be changed for every season and stored easily.

For winter last year I purchased a pre-made wreath from a local dollar store (which still came to $20) and it's jammed in the one storage container I have room for in this tiny apartment. When it comes time to take it out and put it up, I'll find it as I left it, distributing silver glitter everywhere and with a bunch of the twigs broken off. I don't have the space for that.

So one day, we went to Walmart and I wandered by their craft section.

One $2.49 Panacea Wire Wreath Frame (go to the store, much cheaper than online)
Four $0.99 sprigs of leaves/cattails
Two $2.99 sprigs of Assorted fall items (the feathers, berries and pine cones)

1. Rip the stems of leaves apart. I suffered some stab wounds from the wire stems, so be sure to use gardening gloves as protections.
2. Arranged the various stems on the wire wreath, and fluffed them up.
3. Make a hook on the back by molding a wire end of one of the stems.
4. Hang on door.

It sits nicely on my apartment door, and provides a some much needed color to an otherwise dark hallway. And when it comes time to store it, the frame is flat and will tuck into storage easily.
Alternately, you could buy the identical Walmart premade fall wreath. It's only $91, but at least it comes with two. Personally, I like my homemade one more.

So tell me...
Anyone make their own wreaths, or have any pointers for those reading?
If you have a link, put it in the comments :)


  1. I think it is very pretty. Good job and so much more economical than most others.

  2. Very cute! I love the wreaths and have yet to make one! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)


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