Friday, July 18, 2014

And one year later..... I'm Hitting Reset

This year has been amazing and hard.

Amazing, learning how to be married (not that I'll ever finish that process, right?) and settling into a comfortable day-to-day.

Hard, because one year ago this week, we found out we were pregnant. Today I'm going to the lady doctor in an attempt to figure out precisely what went wrong those first two times, it does feel like hitting reset.

And since I want to give my new doc a rundown of what's happened this last year, I figured that I'd write it here as well. Because if this fertility process ever turns into a whole big thing (more than "yup, you have APS, here's some meds, there's your baby) I'd like to make the information available to anyone searching. Because I was coming up empty online, and that just sucked a lot.

Pregnancy 1
  July 14- Found out we were pregnant
We're having a Baby!
  July 31- Confirmed at doc appt, heard heartbeat
  August 29th- Started bleeding. ER visit. Baby was 3 wks underdeveloped without heartbeat.
  September 9th- Had miscarriage.
We're not having a baby...
  October 16th- finally 'quit' bleeding
  October 24th- My period returns

Pregnancy 2
  November 30- positive pregnancy test
  December 10- Very sick, achey. I feel preganant.
  December 18- Doctor. Measures 6 weeks, no heartbeat (but could still be there, staying hopeful).
  December 23- Less pregnancy symptoms/headaches
Mentioned 2nd pregnancy (see November/December)
  January 9- Doctors appointment, measures small (same size) no heartbeat.
  January 11- Had miscarriage.
  January 14- Genetic Counselling
Another Miscarriage
  February 11- Doctors appointment with results.
                       Results show lupus APS, but they need to wait 12 weeks for it to be 'confirmed'.
Why did I miscarry? Blood Results...
  February 24-  Got my period and found out I am hormonally. unbalanced.
  May 1- My insurance changed. I've been in a waiting limbo ever since.
               These few months I've been waiting to get an appointment. Hoping I won't have to start over.

Something I haven't mentioned on here much is that I've been getting migraines ever since the February cycle. Every month, on the month, and in July I've had them throughout the entire month. So in a few weeks I'm going to my general doctor to see if I officially have migraines, and if there's something I can do about it. Also, getting general bloodwork done in few weeks just sounds like a good idea.

Today, I show up at my new doctor's office, 5 month old paperwork in my hand and this basic timeline I've written above. Please pray that I can continue on with 'confirming' what seems to be true, and that we won't have to start over since there seems to be some network issues from when my insurance changed. I'd even be happy if they could continue with my existing bloodwork, wherever they send me.

I'm hitting reset.


  1. Your story is so familiar to me. 6 years ago I had my second miscarriage and no answers why. But then God graced me with 2 beautiful boys. Stay positive! Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Just looking in I wouldn't have guessed. I always love hearing about the successes, thanks for mentioning it. And we got good news, and an answer :)

  2. Now that I saw your newest post, hopefully things will work out in a positive way for you. I wish you well!

    1. Thanks :) Nice to see your comments this morning, been a rough few weeks of being sick (dentists, doctors and migraines). When will it be nothing. It's always something :)


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