Monday, February 24, 2014

Pathetic Woman That I Am

It's about that time..... to put it bluntly it's shark week.

And I've turned into the most hormonally unbalanced woman.

In an email to Tom:

I went to tell my boss something random (how the online web client makes our emails look wonky) and he saw how I sent an email to someone that works for the our higher-ups. 
He spazzed. Freaking out (not at me, more like 'what are we going to do?!? '). Then, 30 seconds after that, he paused and looked up and said "Oh, nevermind. It's okay, you were right to send that email." 
The tears started flowing. And I couldn't make them stop. Pathetic.
He kept said he was sorry for making me cry and I was laughing, saying it's been a rough week.
You! You've made me so much of girl with this whole pregnant/ not pregnant/ Shark Week/ pregnant/ not pregnant/ Shark Week business. 

Two of those ice creams are mine tonight. I will eat them while enveloped in a long, continuous hug. 
Farin Vazquez

To which Tom replied perfectly:
aww baby, your beautiful. i disagree about the ice cream but aww your beautiful.

Reason #135 why I married him.

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