Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowtubing at Camelback

Good Morning!

This past weekend, Tom and I took the in-laws to have their first snow tubing experience at Camelback Mountain Resort, in Tannersville, PA. Good times were has by all, despite there being little documentation of it.


  • Waking up, and logging into my work email and phone, on a Saturday. Whoops.
  • Commuting to NJ for our cheapy car rental. Tom is the car rental guru. I should get him to write his post on getting the best deals (even if it means going in NJ).
  • Mother-in-law yelling 'BAMBIS!' as we see deer on the side of the road.
  • Gorgeous sunset.
  • Dropping my white phone onto the side of the 'magic carpet', one second after sister-in-law agreed with me it's best to use her phone. Phone stayed securely in pocket since that point.
  • Tom getting a rip in his snow pants.
  • Tom's mother proclaiming "Cuco- you've a rip in your pants!!" And everyone looked. It was great... I mean poor husband :-)
My mother-in-law was a little timid at first, but after a few runs down decided she wanted to take the lift up the 'big hill' (ski slopes). Hm. 

So, all in all, good weekend. Anyone live near Camelback, and did you tube there or go up on the (real) slopes?


  1. This actually sounds so fun. I haven't done any winter sports in forever!


    1. It is, but freezing. Last cold weather thing for me this year. I'm done, I think.

  2. Camelback is a couple hours away from me but spent some nice times there over the years with the kids when my in- laws used to have a place in the Poconos

    1. I know, it was fun to bring them to a piece of my childhood in PA :-)


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