Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for Friday!

I've had a pretty monumental week, and here's why:

1. I got the green light to get pregnant!

Of course, the problem wasn't if I could get pregnant, but if I should. We had been holding out since February for a 'confirming' test that my new gynecologist said wasn't needed. My bloodwork proves I have Lupus APS, the numbers aren't exactly low, and he doesn't see any need for me to take more tests. Good to hear!

And, while the prospect of taking daily shots in the stomach (that rumor says, burn like crazy) isn't exciting, we're happy with the answer. It could be much worse, and this is a blessing. All we need to do is call the day we find out, come in and get the shots.

2. Sunsets in NYC

I return home from work (to the aptly named Sunset Park) at sunset during the summer months.
I love it. After commuting for an hour and a half this is downright inspirational.
3. I'm pain free!

Am I the only one who loves dental work? Well, it's probably because I'm in the group of people who put it off until they are writhing in pain. Since I got my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago, I haven't had any pain at all in my face. This is absolutely HUGE since I was coming from a place where I would have daily pain to the point of not being able to talk or think.

The night before I prepped for a hard recovery (bought tons of soft food) but the next morning I was outside weeding my garden and baking bread. Such an easy recovery :)
4. I'm reaping fruits!

I haven't maintained the garden at all like I intended to.
I've watered the garden maybe....... 6 times total in two months. I've weeded once. Here's the before photo:
I'm a farmer's daughter! I worked in greenhouses and have fond memories of spending time weeding and watering every evening. Despite slacking off it's doing well. This is what it looked like once I stepped up and finally weeded it.
 I'm excited to see what comes of it. And, I'm planting pumpkin seeds and planning for frost-friendly plants.

5. Our next vacation

We've booked a weekend trip for November in Tampa. Tom saw a deal, called to check my time off work, and booked it. We've only just started filling up the days, but I'm excited to have some relaxing time on the beach considering we've not seen a beach since our honeymoon. Additionally, that's the start date for TTC.

So tell me....
How has your week been?
Anyone else excited about a winter trip, or letting their garden manage itself?

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  1. First congrats on your news. Good for you!

    Second ... no, you aren't the only one who likes dental work. I've always thought I was nuts, but it makes me laugh. When I've had drilling done, I actually will laugh during the procedure. I even once -- crazy I know -- had a filling done without Novocaine. Won't do that again though. I have been lucky with good dentists in my life though.

    And I am with you with trips. I am hoping for one or two small ones this winter. Enjoy yours!

    1. Thank you, and although I can be a complete wuss when it comes to pain (I'd rather have a ton of pain meds than none) I have to agree with having good dentists!


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