Monday, August 4, 2014

Unblogged Bloggables... The stuff I Missed in July

Here's a snapshot of what miscellaneous awesomeness happened in July.

Amazing Fireworks in Cincinnati on the 4th
  Tom mastered looking at the camera, and I apparently forgot where it was
 My mom and dad came to visit! They got to experience the wind in their hair on the SI Ferry...

...and witnessed their first U.S. Coast Guard zipping around the East River while manning a machine gun.
After church, we took a walk through Sunset Park, got some views of the city, and our families got to bond. 
  I think this was the conversation about September 11th, my mom's favorite subject about NYC.
  And I got a photo with my mom! I love this photo so much I might actually print it. That's huge.
I've been experimenting a bit with food, and decided to improvise some Arancini with leftover rice.
Highly inauthentic, but like I really cared about that. Highly delicious, and a definite hit.
I've been eating up all the summer sunsets, which are at their peak when I get home from work.
The remaining summer months I plan on being a local tourist. Best decision I've made in months. 
I've been walking the city in my free time in my midday gap and after work. 
The day I got the good news from the lady doctor, I went to Madison Square Park and just people watched. 
It was a great day, great weather, and great news. And I got some great photos.
 This is how field trips happen in the city. 
You could look up and see 3 different colors in the park at all times. 
 And, the parks department is amazing. They had these castle-things all over, and the kids were playing tug of war, slaying dragons and just living it up. 
I firmly believe that the best summer Starbucks drink isn't coffee. 
It's the Cool Lime refresher. And it does have caffeine, so you'll still have your fix :)
I recently got a Jawbone UP, so of course I get off the train once I reach Manhattan (from Queens) I walk it before getting on the subway again downtown. The streets are emptier after 8 and cooler than midday. 
And, with the lights just turning on it's a beautiful time for a walk home.
You know, I was a little down on myself that this month didn't have any 'summery' activities.Things like block parties (like where I used to live), open hydrants, beachtime, eating Popsicles or sitting out in the sun. But this recap proves that you can have a great time wherever you are and with good company.

So tell me...
How has your summer surprised you?
What awesome unexpected activities have you done lately?


  1. Your fireworks and sunset picture are so pretty! Great pic of you and your mom, too! :)
    Oh, and I agree about the iced coffee. I definitely opt for the refreshers and teas!

    1. Thanks, and so glad that someone else appreciates the refreshers too! I'm worried they might leave Starbucks, since everyone I know thinks they are just flavored water.

  2. Awesome fireworks pictures! I will have to try the refreshers at Starbucks. I tried the green tea lemonade last week...yuck.
    Have a great week!

    1. Eck.... lemonade and tea don't sound like they go together. Seems that not everything Oprah endorses is golden lol


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