Monday, August 18, 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge...

...won't be happening.

Please don't send me chain letters. Or double-dog dare me. I used to simply ignore the pressure but I can't do that because of the stigma attached.

I get that the Ice Bucket Challenge is "positive peer pressure", but in reality it's asking people to spend $3 on bagged ice and upload a video instead of donating to a worthy cause.

I have a feeling that if the order of words were reversed, and people were prompted to "Donate $100 to a worthy cause, or dump water on yourself" there would be more people offended about it. And don't get me wrong. This challenge has generated an amazing amount of money for charitable organizations. But why can't this be something that happens without the trumpets and hastags?

And there are others with this opinion.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" And Why I Am Not Participating
The author prompts those who upload videos to tell viewers something, anything, about the cause. Because how is dumping ice water spreading any type of awareness, if there isn't so much as a website or a small amount of information provided. I would recommend clicking and reading the link, instead of assuming it's some cynical old biddie who wants to stay dry. He's actually a cancer survivor and actively involved in fundraising.

Also, don't nominate those who live in a city. (And nominate? Is this an awards ceremony or something?) Because logistically, a nightmare.
I live in a big city, and throwing a wet t-shirt contest on my block would not only be incredibly inappropriate but also unkind. I live on an industrial working-class block (with people working from 7am to 7pm) as well as within eyesight of some who aren't fortunate enough to live inside a building. If I lived out in the countryside I might do this. I don't blame the person who nominated me because it not something you would normally think about, but there are some places where it's just not appropriate. I happen to live in one of them.

And, if you've followed along in April, you'll see that our bathroom is way too tiny to handle a bucket of water being tossed on someone. Or even large enough fit a person with a bucket as well as a videographer.

I understand that this challenge may be what is needed to provide the high of altruism and be the push needed to involve themselves in an organization close to their hearts. And great, if that's the case. Or, it could give them a chance to have a social media presence and gain some Facebook likes. I hope anyone who chooses ice over donating money will at least donate some time to volunteering or spreading some awareness.

So tell me....
Have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge (is it awkward now, if I ask?)
Why did you, or are you not? Everyone has reasons, let me know :)

** If curious, I've donated to Compassion, Gospel for Asia and we buy Bibles to distribute.


  1. I can't lie that I've actually enjoyed some of the videos, as silly as they are. And it has apparently spurned a lot of donations for ALS, so many people seem to be doing both. I'm with you on the doing it and not donating, though. I'm not much into dumping ice on myself and I don't like be put out in public to do this or donate. I donate to several charities and don't trumpet it one bit. I always believed that's the way it should be when donating.

    1. Of course, who hates a video of the ice bucket challenge! But its such a publicity stunt. I do wish I would find a video of people doing it, and be a television crew asking those who participated what ALS is/what it does. That would be awkward.

  2. Finally! Someone who isn't for the "Ice Bucket Challenge". I'm all for entertainment and everything but I hope they simply donate and make a little less mess of it. I agree with what you said that it will be better if they tell us more about the organization so that we'll know where to help without all the publicity.


    1. Yes, it is entertaining! Until there was a video of a guy doing the challenge and showing the financial records of the ALS campaign. Only 7% gets to research (so he used 7 ice cubes). The rest is distributed between admin costs, fundraising etc. It's definitely best to do your own research and choose to contribute an organization that you can honestly say you support.

    2. I agree! Most people just go for the trend and what's "in" rather than the purpose of what they're doing it for. It's sad sometimes. I always feel a pang of disappointment every time I see someone I follow in Instagram do it.


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