Saturday, April 2, 2016

Baby Shower Advice (From a New Mom)

You get a lot of advice given when you are pregnant... sometimes too much advice or even unwanted advice. But the one time you are likely hoping to get a lot of good, practical advice is during your baby shower.
Since I only had my baby a few months ago, I've said "I wish I knew that" more than a handful of times. So when I received an invite to an upcoming baby shower, I started thinking about what I would write in the card. I'm sure a simple "congrats, can't wait to meet him!" would be appreciated, but I decided that it would be fun to list some of the things I've found to be true in these first few months.

I remember that I actually went up to several people at my baby shower(s) and asked for any tips they might have. Since that they had all exhausted their bank of anecdotes and tips in the months prior, it was funny that they were coming up empty by the time I was asking for it.

Tips for the First Few Months

-Don't stock up on diapers, you might have a fast grower.
-Have photos taken of you and Richard with your son- not just of him alone.
-Wait to buy any baby clothes until he needs them as you will likely be gifted a lot of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.
-Every two weeks will be different. Your baby will grow and learn new skills so quickly.
-Don't listen to other people's birth "horror stories" and if they start telling one kindly ask them to stop.
-Make sure there is some specific daddy-baby activity such as reading at night, playing before work or even nighttime diaper changes.
-Expect to use diaper rash cream a lot (in underarms, his neck, behind knees even) if he becomes a chubby little guy.
-Utilize the experts around you- family, friends and church family. There is someone who can help or has gone through it!

And most importantly... remember that regardless of how clueless you might feel as a new mom- your baby will ADORE you. He will be completely over-the-moon, in love with you.

So tell me...
Which piece of advice do you agree (or disagree) with?
What would you add?
Here's what I wrote for the letter "B" in 2014:
Bad Habits
I have an unconscious habit of biting my lip, which Tom hates. When nervous, I pick at my cuticles. When falling asleep, I tend to fidget and move around. I also have a stubborn streak, which... Click the link to read the rest...
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  1. Yes pls utilize all the help from the people you can get and the expert advice. Sometimes the age old techniques are better than the best doctors.

    All the best for the AtoZChallenge. I am posting about Christian messages here:

    1. I loved your blog, such a nice surprise to find like-minded writers online, especially in this challenge where they aren't easy to spot by their blog name (Although, is pretty straightforward!)

  2. Those are nice tips for would be moms. Will forward this to my cousin who is have a baby shower very soon.

  3. I don't know about asking the experts. Everything is different - sleeping on the back or tummy? when to start solid foods? powder or no powder? When my daughters ask, I am almost afraid to answer.
    Jollett Etc.

    1. Powder (you mean formula?) I agree, but feel like the advice above is pretty universal. Anything else seems like its better to avoid avoid unless asked :)


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