Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Priorities and Life

I've been feeling so guilty about not writing anything for nearly two weeks.... but then I just slap myself and remember why I haven't.

I've been busy with life.
On May 9th, my good friend from Uruguay arrived in NYC for a month, and I spent a lot of time showing her around instead of writing.

On May 15th, 3 more friends showed up from various locations for a makeshift college reunion (which turned out to be amazing). Since I planned the whole event, the week before was instantly filled up and the weekend as well.

On May 18th, we had a sonogram and saw (and HEARD!) the baby's heartbeat. Baby is measuring a full 8wk2days, on schedule.

Yesterday I started feeling sick, and since I can't take anything really beyond Tylenol, I'm suffering at home. Sick day today, but the body aches or pains are gone.

On Friday I plan on having a post up. I have attempted to write in the past two weeks (I had a 6 week update and a hodgepodge post drafted) but they are still incomplete and unpublished. Since life has been kicking my behind this week, I know that once things level out, I'll be back at full force.

Until then, our baby says hi!

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  1. keep your priorities in life - and don't EVAH beat yourself up for ANYTHING!

  2. Good for you! Family and life comes first. :) Congrats on hearing the heartbeat and the beautiful sonogram!

  3. So excited - my oldest daughter is pregnant - so I will be a first time grandmother later this year! Enjoy your time with family and friends - you deserve it!

    1. This must be an exciting time for you and your daughter to talk about things to come :) Enjoy!

  4. It sounds like your life has been filled with almost all the good kinds of busy life can offer, friends and love! Congrats on hearing the heartbeat and seeing your baby. Such an exciting time. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

    1. I hope so too, and life certainly can derail your plans. Thanks Amy!


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