Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grief for God's Glory- Sam and Nia's Viral Video

If you're reading this in 2015, you've likely already seen the Youtube video where a husband (Sam) surprises his wife (Nia) with a positive pregnancy test. The internet loved it- everyone loved it- and it was shared and praised all over Facebook, nationwide news channels and anywhere else you looked.

They post daily vlogs online (similar to blogging, but video and in their case, daily). They were doing this recreationally in addition to working, and suddenly, due tho an unorthodox pregnancy announcement, their channel had millions of viewers.
Then the next day she miscarried.

The whole world did at least one of three things.
1. They ignored it (because it is awkward, confusing and/or sad).
2. Said things like 'why do people share everything on the Internet' and shamed them.
3. Accused them of staging the entire thing (saying that they knew it would go viral and boost their viewership).

And, while I can understand reason #1 and the reasons for ignoring the miscarriage (it's awkward. sad, or just confusing to many people)- I can't stand hearing people say reason #2, a day after they themselves likely shared the hot new video on their own Facebook page. Hearing that you weren't allowed to tell others in the off chance that you might make life a little to real or uncomfortable (for them) has always been a big pet peeve of mine.

And #3 is ridiculous. It's impossible to know when anything you do online will be praised, ridiculed or shared over a million times. Try as I might (and did), HuffPost chose not to accept the article I linked just above. The internet is tricky, and there is a lot of competition out there. And (I'm 100% sure) that anyone who has lost a baby can attest, that hearing her description of actually loosing the baby is spot on. That is something you only learn that when you have truly lost a pregnancy.

Listening to Nia weep for her new understanding of all those who've miscarried with her, explaining the (very literal) physical and emotional relief that sweeps over you when you birth a baby and the feeling of gratitude for the beating heart in her eldest- it slaps modern culture in the face.

In a world where a wanted pregnancy is praised and an unwanted one is discarded...
the mourning of a early pregnancy miscarriage where a heartbeat is lost, that is something that is not even acknowledged or shared. To expect it to be acknowledged as a real event that took place, and offered support and respect is not something offered to those who loose a baby*.

*Except in late pregnancy loss, when the baby is more likely to be accepted for the baby it is, versus medical tissue.

These vloggers have encouraged me, and others as you can see throughout the comments.
They later mention that they feel blessed to have so many new viewers offering comforting words, and know that while the Lord has taken their baby to Heaven he has blessed in another unexpected area. And, I assume, that is where #3 happened, and the conspiracy theorists decided to shame their efforts to be transparent and honest.

I do not nearly have the reach these two do, but the comments I receive when I wrote about my miscarriages, aftermath of dealing with them, and now my pregnancy announcements have meant the world to me. To imagine, while half of their comments are attempting to tear them down, the other half needed are offering prayers and support. The same local television and news sources that told the story of Sam and Nia's pregnancy announcement told a followup story sharing the sad news. But- no one is sharing that or making go viral. It's all but been ignored, outside of the Youtube comments beneath their videos.

But then...Two days later...
Sam tells all their new viewers that while he understands that not all that are watching are believers of Christ, he knows that they need Him. It is short, and of course started an uproar in the comments below- but they did something amazing with the platform that they didn't have even a week prior.

To God be the Glory- in all circumstances.

So tell me...
Have you seen the videos above?
Did you (honestly) feel any of the reactions in #1, #2, or #3?
Were you as thrilled to see the call to Christ as I was?
------I've not seen that until today on a flourishing Youtube channel.

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  1. I didn't even know about video #3! That is very cool. Honestly I haven't had the heart to watch either of the first two yet, but I plan to at some point. I have so much respect that they were transparent with the world. I'm sure they will help many going forward and what a way to use their time in the spotlight!

    1. I just kept watching (my lunchtime buffer entertainment) when they put up new videos, and was shocked to see it! And, agree 100%

  2. i had read and seen about this one - SO sorry - i can't even begin to imagine what these people are going through or must be going through

    1. I can identify only to the basic level- and I've had nothing but support on this blog. But they've been put through the wringer and I can't even imagine.

  3. Before the miscarriage video, I didn't know who Sam and Nia were. Apparently, I live on under a rock! I think how to point to Jesus is wonderful, and I'm praying for their hearts. Loved reading your thoughts on this. :)

    1. I guess it depends on what your facebook feed consists of, and I happen to know a lot of people who are pregnant right now (or love sharing those things). It was just so amazing to find them making a point to tell even a bit of truth about needing Christ. I knew they profess to be believers but it was so blatant. I loved it!

  4. I did not know about these videos or about this couple! I am really slow with "viral" videos. Thanks so much for sharing! Two of my girl friends had miscarriages around the same time. One of them was a bit older and had been wanting to have a child for the longest time. She learned about her miscarriage early on like this couple, but it was devastating news to both them and us just knowing that she was trying for a long time. My second friend lost her baby in the second trimester. It was a surprise for sure. She's younger and did not really plan for the child to come into this world, but the love for her child grew the longer she carried her baby. Both of these women are Christians, and I'm glad that we can all use our sorrow and struggles as mothers (miscarriage, complications, genetic disabilities) in order to glorify God. To the world, it is ironic... but to us, it is amazing and beautiful to be able to walk again smiling with all the pain.

    À LA MODEST - Replacing insecurities with inspiration!

    1. Hi Rachel! I bet you know a ton more people who've suffered in silence, and never told those around them. It's a horrible taboo, and although I occupy only a small part of the web and can vouch for those who also have suffered, I LOVE seeing people step it up and not just be honest about the hurt and (honestly) the normalcy of pregnancy loss, but to also treat the baby as a baby and not a lump of tissue. And then they pointed towards Christ for a minute. So encouraging to see :) I'm glad to know your friends reached out to you, I know many don't but it's always been such a relief to know those are standing strong with you and understand where you've been. We walk smiling through the pain because we're making our way home where we won't have to contend with sin and pain anymore.

  5. Hi, Farin, I'm stopping by from Christian Women Blog's fb page. :) I did see their announcement video, but hadn't heard that they miscarried. How sad! I'm thrilled to see them using this for God's glory, though. Nice to meet you here! :)
    Jen @ Being Confident of This


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