Thursday, August 13, 2015

20 weeks- Outside belly movement!

How far along:
20 weeks

We won’t find out until August 22 at the gender reveal party

Maternity clothes:
I am in maternity clothes, except jeans (which will come when warmer temperatures arrive).
Since this questions is now moot, the new topic here is:
What's the protocol:
I'm starting to think about a registry, as I know 2 baby showers are in the making. One of which is trying to involve me and I keep telling them to have fun and do whatever they think would be best. This is the normal way, right? To give them a date (or range) and a list of people, and let them go at it? Or should I give them a theme, games? I'd rather let them plan it, and just enjoy to be honest :)

Well, I bought a pregnancy pillow! After all that debating I decided it was worth it in the end... after my husband encouraged me to splurge a little on my comfort. He is also the one who encouraged me to visit his chiropractor this week, who discovered that I've been walking around on a tilted pelvis (forever? I've never been adjusted before) and that my right leg was AN INCH AND A HALF shorter than my left. Poor left has been doing the most work for who knows how long. No wonder I was in so much pain. But... I slept amazing last night and feel much better after!

Best moment this week: 
Tom was able to feel the baby move! Also, we had our anatomy scan and found out the baby is doing well... and, having not seen him/her in two months, is HUGE! I look at my belly and can't imagine a baby that big in there. 6.5 inches curled up, or, as will be measured next week, 10 inches total from head to toe. That's half the length of a full grown baby! 

Worst moment this week:
On August 1st, we went to the beach and I sustained 2nd degree burns to my legs below my knees. Which is crazy considering that I BATHED in sunblock ever 2 hours. I was the sunblock police. But, then again, I know pregnant bodies are (despite strong and life sustaining) also wimpy bodies. My ankles and leg skin was too swollen to walk, and air hitting my legs made me cry out. Took two days for my to walk anywhere outside the apartment, and they are still swollen. I'm guessing the sunburn caused the swelling, and my body just figured that since I would likely swell up anyway... why not just keep it? Not a big fan of my cankles, but what can I do?

Miss anything: 
I would love to wear my wedding ring- but my hands have swollen as well (in addition to the bottoms of my feet, which makes mornings pretty painful). I have actually seen eyes go from my belly to my hand and then to my face, which makes me more aware of all times I have done it as well. Such a gut reaction, to look there.

And, this article was probably my favorite read of the past week. So You Think You're Pro-Life from Beauty Through Imperfection explains that while many consider themselves pro-life, we don't support pregnancy in others unless it's picture perfect. So many girls have resisted the pull of pro-choice abortions to carry a baby to term, and even if they are young, unwed or disheveled, we should give them a smile and support this new life they chose to carry to term.

Movement has become a steady thing! And while it is not all day and I really notice it when I finally setting down for the evening, every evening I feel a little something. Can't wait until baby grows some more muscle and starts making intentional movements, versus just random jabs here and there.

Tom felt the baby this week, and has since been running to me whenever I tell him he/she moved. What a wonderful first for him! I have had this baby growing in me for 5 months, but his is the first effects that he has felt himself!

I just want every Popsicle on Earth. And garlic bread. But mainly I've been wanting sugar- which compelled me to back sugar cookies (and use the Christmas cookie cutters).

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL and morning prenatal vitamins.

So, at week 20 exactly, I have quit resisting the inevitable. I'm getting larger and rounder, and having trouble getting the needle into the lower sector of my belly. So I've started 'coaching' Tom on how to give me my shots. Which is the hardest thing for me to do- give up control over my impending painful shot and to hand the needle over to a man who (in my oversensitive opinion) does not chop vegetables correctly. You remember I have a knife-handling phobia, right? All those years in food service have really done a number on me.

Any suggestions on how I get over this? How do I hand the needle over to another person?

Queasy or sick: 
Toothpaste. Still hate it.

Looking forward to: 
Gender reveal in just over a week! Steady kicks to grow stronger. And Tom to feel more kicks from the baby.

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  1. Yay! Congrats! Love reading these updates. I am 26 weeks right now, and oh my, baby is kicking up a storm! He/she even woke me up while I was about to fall asleep last night! I say he/she, because we're waiting to find out the gender until after birth :)

    À LA MODEST - Replacing insecurities with inspiration!

    1. I love the idea of waiting for the big surprise, but am not able to resist much longer myself so perhaps for the next. Can't wait to find out with you in November :) Thanks for saying hi!

  2. Congrats!!!! So so sweet - our first daughter is pregnant and due with a baby boy early December (I will become a first time grandmother) - it's exciting for you! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am so excited to hear that so many are due right before me (lots of great reading material and stories in November and December). Congrats!

  3. even with all of this - you must be getting SO excited about the baby....


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