Monday, June 29, 2015

14 weeks

How far along:
14 weeks

We won’t find out until August most likely

Maternity clothes:
I am in maternity clothes, except jeans (which will come when warmer temperatures arrive).
Since this questions is now moot, the new question here is:
Weirdest dream this week:
I was in charge of the cake at the wedding for some couple I didn't know, and for some reason I kept getting icing all over my hands. I would run off and lick the icing off, and woke with an incredible desire for something sweet. I apparently began to sleep talk about cake to my husband, who later showed up with a donut :)

Dora, in close contact with my belly at all times.
I keep reminding myself that it's okay that I'm always tired and wanting to sleep, but I feel so unproductive. But then again, there's something being knit together inside me so I guess its fine.

Best moment this week: 
Getting a firm belly! I was shocked that it showed up so early, but everyone from work and church says that it looks like it has popped, and is more pointy. Either way, I definitely have to admit that it's firm and growing.

Worst moment this week:
Headaches. My sinus' are having some trouble again, and despite knowing that the headaches are from that, it still brings back memories of loosing the first two pregnancies, with the migraines.

Miss anything: 
Really strong coffee, and that nice espresso buzz while at work. Something to power me through the monotonous work that builds up every couple days.
The best little snacks ever.
Baby is definitely doing backflips and somersaults, but nothing I can feel yet.

Icing and chocolate. I really want to make no-bake cookies, but the lack of peanut butter is holding me back.

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL and Progesterone 200 mg taken nightly. And morning prenatal vitamins.

Injections are (still) really painful. I've come to miss the days earlier in the pregnancy where it wouldn't hurt much at all and I would just bruise like crazy. I haven't bruised in about 3 weeks, perhaps my technique has improved?

Queasy or sick: 
Still no sickness! But I'm still turned off of all types of meat, greasy food and toothpaste.

Looking forward to: 
My doctor's appointment next week, and checking the heartbeat with the dopplar. Also, we're having a gender reveal party at my mother's house. She sounded so excited when I mentioned the idea, and now we're having a gender reveal BBQ in late August with my side of the family and are bringing the in-laws as well.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I still forget through the course of the day, and am shocked by someone coming up all excited. Then I remember it's a little contagious to be around new life!

  2. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time! I was soo tired when pregnant with my daughter...enjoy the rest you are right your body is working hard growing a baby!!

    1. I think it's improving, but especially after rushrushrushing around nyc- I find it hard to slow down. Guess you can take the country out of the girl after all... at least you can make her walk faster :)

  3. So. Exciting. We have a 12-week scan of Juliet sucking her thumb so that's definitely possible. Love that your husband brought you a donut!

    1. I love that he did as well :) There's a video on Youtube of a 14 week scan, where the baby is clapping its hands. Imagine seeing that!


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