Thursday, December 4, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Guess what? I was nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! Angie, who is a "self-improvement junkie and Seattle lover" has nominated me. She writes over at Chasing My Halo, and you need to pop on over and see why we all need to live in Seattle, root on your favorite football team, and throw awesome themed parties. Now it’s my turn to share the love. Thanks Angie for making the internet a nicer place :)


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Moving far away has never been a hard decision, but I always say goodbye to the apartment/house when locking up.

I always put on my left sock or shoe first.

We've taught our cat to play fetch. Her personal best needs some improvement, but the 7 mouse returns in a row is pretty good though, right? Follow me on Instagram because you know a video will be up when we catch her in action!

I've always had dreams where I am running (for enjoyment) and (in my dreams) I'm actually good at it. Only in my dreams, of course.

I had no clue what I wanted to major in. I chose Travel and Tourism, despite never really having gone anywhere before then. Then once I met Tom I started to travel. Interesting how that turned out, right?

Twitter is a little intimidating to me, but I vow to figure it out before we hit 2015!

Most of my 'nominees' below are from the amazing Northeast Bloggers Network, where I learned so much this past year. If you live in the Northeastern US, click over to become a member!


Kelly @ A Lovely Life, Indeed, a blog about travel and love and married life. Whenever she writes about living in Boston, I want to drop everything and travel north for the weekend. To keep up with her travels, follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin'.

Rachel @ Can't Google Everything, a blog about life, fashion, photos, recipes and more. I love her creative crafts and activities, and I'm not even a toddler. To see what fun she comes up with, follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin'.

Reesa @ Mama Lew, a blog about her recipes, product reviews and giveaways- and how to take the stress out of parenthood. To see what awesome products and places she's been trying out with her family, follow her on Twitter and Instagram'.

Suheiry @ Suheiry, a blog about fashion; home decor; recipes; DIY; and travel in and around Northeast PA. I hail from NEPA, so I love to see posts on what's going on in and around Scranton, as well as her beautifully designed posts. To keep up, follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin'.

Pinky @ P!nk Persistence, a blog about keeping things light and PINK, because life's too short to be anything but happy. To see all her hilarious posts, follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin'.

Amanda @ Serenity Now, a blog about showcasing creative projects and providing realistic inspiration...on a budget! To see all her gorgeous projects, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Okay all you bloggers, pass it on!


  1. As a fellow Northeast Blogger, I will have to check out these blogs!

  2. Hmmm maybe your dreams about running are trying to tell you something! It's really a lot of fun :)

    1. If someone was to ask "what skill would you like to have" I'm pretty sure I'd say running. I'm sure it is :)

  3. I also have dreams of running and enjoying it lol!! I'm starting to think my brain is giving me a hit ;-)


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