Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Bible Advent Calendar

For this year's Advent calendar, I had 3 goals: Something simple, centered on the Bible instead of candy, that would cost Zero dollars. Plus, as you know, I love taping things to our massive blank wall.

I started by making small, medium and large envelopes out of wrapping paper. I placed them on the wall in the shape of a tree, and decided to print some bible verses to place inside to be brought out each night.
I found an advent calendar on Pinterest from A Girl and Her Blog, that I will likely model next year (I was too stubborn to throw out the envelopes I already made). I did use her free printable verses, but found they didn't work well on my printer. I just retyped them on my own and used the holly image.
Also, I decided to swap out some of our postcards for Christmas cards, since we had started receiving them in the mail. When do you mail your Christmas cards? I think we've officially given up on ordering some custom ones, as they would need to be mailed this week. Right? Any (last minute) suggestions out there?
 I'm all about making a holiday tradition, and this is one that could easily be carried over every year. Maybe next year I'll concoct some 'sturdier' version, since this might not last long without tearing or getting wrinkled in my closet.

So tell me...
What is your home holiday tradition?
Have you ever made a Advent wreath (or other holiday craft)? If so, link it up in the comments!


  1. That is an incredibly unique idea- I love it!

  2. So special Farin. Happy Holidays.

  3. Great job on the Advent calendar! I love the idea.

  4. Your Advent idea is great! I also really like the blue woodwork in your home! Blessed Christmas!


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