Friday, December 19, 2014

What do you adore?

Inuit people (aka 'Eskimos') have an extensive vocabulary dedicated to describe snow. English is a bit more rigid. "Love" for example, can mean so many things. And we use it so frequently that it's meaning is now diluted. 
"I love you." (without a glance at your loved one, while texting).
"I love when the bus gets to the bus stop at the same time I do."
"I love that perfume."
"I love snow."
"Love that."
"Lovely." (said sarcastically)
But what do you adore?
1. love and respect (someone) deeply.
   synonyms: love dearly, love, be devoted to, dote on, hold dear, cherish, treasure, prize, think the world of
2. worship; venerate.
   synonyms: worship, glorify, praise, revere, reverence, exalt, extol, venerate, pay homage to

"I adore that sweater."
No, you don't! And if you do spend your spare hours thinking about what your sweater is doing at that moment, if it's safe and when you get to see it again- something is wrong with you. We've been designed to adore people. Family, close friend, new loves and spouses. Our children. God.

O Come Let Us Adore Him. Christ the Lord.

Those singing those words, speaking one to another were devoted, praising and en route to pay homage. They couldn't help it, their Lord was born that day. Impossible to stay away, impossible to ignore the truth. Much in the way you can't imagine being away from your new love or your newborn child- you can't stay away from God. If you adore them, you desire to be with them constantly.

So tell me...
Have you found yourself adoring him?
Are you as frustrated as I am, with people 'adoring' inanimate objects?

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  1. Great post! - Sarah, stopping by from Five Minute Friday

    1. Thank you for stopping by and saying Hi :)

  2. I think a person can adore an inanimate object, as that comes from the first definition above. But to adore something, you need to be able to explain WHY the object is adored. Perhaps it's something that belonged to your grandmother, and when you hold it, the wonderful memories come back. So yes, an item like that would be adored. I do agree with you that words that have such powerful emotion as their definition are over-used to the point that they become meaningless to most people.

    Blessings to you,

    1. Hm. I guess I could see how a child could adore a stuffed animal, toy etc. But, because they view it as their friend. I guess we disagree on that, but thanks for sharing your opinion Melissa :)

  3. One of my favorite moments of the year is in church on Christmas Eve, the procession begins, the organ blasts, people sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord.

    1. Such a classic, and once that could be sung everyday without loosing it's thunder :) Merry Christmas Peggy!

  4. Farin, I really like your post (almost said love). It made me smile and think. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Farin, what a profound post and truly ministered to me during this Christmas season. I'm afraid that I have likely not nearly adored HIM like I should, can we ever adore HIM too much. I think not! May your coming days be filled to the brim with HIS love as we celebrate HIS birth.

    1. You're right, good thing all he wants is for us to try :) Merry Christmas!

  6. I just commented but not sure if went live. Farin, I love how you point out the difference between loving and adoring. May we all adore. May we all lift up. You are conveying the heart of the Lord. Keep going strong my friend. Love, your second greatest Cheerleader - Kelly Balarie

  7. This is so awesome - you are right about how we throw around words without giving much thought to their impact. I have to admit I pray that I can really adore the Lord, because I sometimes feel I can sing the words without truly adoring Him. I love being with the Lord and spending time with Him, but I can often take on other tasks and thoughts and completely miss the adoration I should have for Him! Thank you for sharing this post and encouraging me to really adore the Lord in the fullest sense of the word! :)

  8. Farin, I'm popping in from #fmfparty and #RaRalinkup. The look you took at the word adore was so good. I found it a bit of a difficult word to write on, but finally did. I am purposing in my heart to adore Jesus this Christmas and beyond. So nice to meet you!


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