Friday, June 13, 2014

High-Five for Friday

It's been a long week. Sick, migraines and what seems to be general desire to feel better. But here's my 5 things on Friday worthy of mentioning.

1. My sister-in-law turns 21 today!

And, of course that requires some sort of celebration. One that doesn't involve any alcohol, so how else would you celebrate? Dorney Park of course. A literal slap-in-the-face to reaching adulthood.

2. My garden grows!

Here is the transition, and as of last night I have more string beans and parsley sprouting from seed. My thumbs might be green after all!

3. I have Carpal Tunnel!

I've been having sharp pains on the side of my right wrist, and of course, I cry 'Carpal Tunnel' like all us office workers do. But, then I researched it and it can't be, since the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome only affects your thumb through ring finger.

Since I'm hurting from my pinkie to my wrist when I turn my hand (or lift anything heavier than a plate.... seriously) I have deduced that I have cubital tunnel syndrome. WebMD to the rescue. Well, something is definitely not right, and luckily my boss has offered to buy me some fancy gear to help the situation. New chair in the future, and a trackball mouse.

Here's one I was test-driving, and I have to say, it's much more comfortable. I thank God that I've a boss who genuinely cares for the well-being of his employees. Because wow- like $50 for a mouse. I'd pass and stick to my dell freebie if the company wasn't covering it.

4. Plastic People in NYC!

Some kids got on the N train at 14th street, about 20 of them, all with a life-sized hard plastic human. It was hilarious. This guy sat next to me...

Other students were holding them on their laps, or on their hips like babies.....

And I instagrammed them with the #OnlyinNYC. I've learned the value of hastags I believe, since I found two others posted from like-minded hastaggers.

5. Repotted and it feels so goo-oood.

Repotted 'cause we understood
There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited 'cause we're repotted , hey, hey...

If you don't get my Peaches and Herb reference, go here. Messing with songs is a favorite pastime, mainly used when stuck in traffic and in need of amusement. Or... when plants have been repotted and they feel so goo-oood, that they must sing to each other on the occasion.

And Dora likes her window, now that I've moved my seedlings to the garden.

Nothing better than a sunbathing kitty.

Anyone else psyched for the weekend?
Anyone surprise themselves with a new project (like a garden) that seems to be doing well?
Have you followed me on Instagram yet? If not, you're missing moments like these and others.

Any other birthdays? This summer is going to be nuts, everyone we know is born in July, at least in NYC they were. Must've been a blackout ;)


  1. Gotta love NYC- never know what you're going to see!

  2. I am wearing my wrists guards for carpal tunnel as I type! Makes a world of a difference!

    1. Guess it's a pretty common issue, thanks for the info!


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